Looking for a hydro grower to grow againest


Hello i’em Garrigan65 and i’m looking for someone who has been growing in hydro for some time now and who thinks that hydro growing can out perform soil growing. It’s more of an experiment than, I can do better than you type of grow. I just want to see how the out come would be if the two of us grew the same strain same number of plants say two or 4 plants. and to see what the out come would be. During the grow to the end of the grow.
We will keep the same journal but post only in our slot so things don’t get sloppy. I can’t or won’t be able to do this for a while. Because i’m wright in the middle of 3 going on 4 grows as it is wright now. But here in the very near future maybe we could work out a schedule and make this happen.
So tell me your thoughts.


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I might be interested but it would be a while before I can do it also because I’m just now getting an NYC diesel going


Ya just what I said, maybe later on down the road. It’s more of something to think about for an interesting grow and journal. I’ll bookmark this for later my friend and thank you for the reply sir.


I’m three months away, but I would be interested. It would depend on the strains, probably.


Would you wanna grow from clone or from seed @garrigan65?


That would be something we could work on later down the road. I;m going to book mark you as well this just mite be way cool and very informative as well.


Time frame fits potentially in with running one or two outdoors too, if you wanted to add in that as another thread to the experiment. We’d all need to match the veg time though, so not sure if that’s viable.


I’ll be your Huckleberry


Well alright then …All I want is your blood … so alright Younger …lmao


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I’m interested also… just waiting to see what happens with buying my house… I’ll keep you posted…:wink:


I do believe it’s Lunger as opposed to Younger




@garrigan65 there is NO doubt in my mind that you know VOLUMES more about growing, and nutes, and deficiency issues, and much more than I do. On the other hand, I do believe hydro to be superior to soil. I just flipped my lights on the current grow. Will be taking clones in a couple of weeks.


I just stated a Gorilla Glue grow and put the seedlings into the system yesterday. I’d be willing to do something in the future.


Hey I didn’t know you were buying a house. That’s awesome …I wish the best for ya


That sounds good to me. I’m getting a lot of takers so maybe later down the road we can get together.


It could as long as we all work together and make it work.


What about other controllable variables, like type of nutrients, lights, etc?