Looking For a high CBD and low THC strain of Autoflower

Hello fellow growers!
I am about 7 weeks into my first grow.
I am growing White Widow CBD Auto.
Someone said they also grew this same strain from ILGM and had it tested in a lab. The results came back as 10% THC and 5% CBD.
I used to smoke cannabis daily in the 1970’s (1973-1978). Evidently, I read that the average THC content back then was only 1% THC.
Now, at age 63, I intend to start smoking again…but primarily for high CBD to battle arthritis pain, insomnia, and depression.
So…I thought the ILGM White Widow CBD Auto would be best, and I’m loving the grow…but, even at ‘only’ 10% this modern Ganga plant is still ‘ten times’ more THC than the best ‘Thai sticks’ and ‘Red Columbian’ primo herb that we could get in the 70’s.
So…what is an Autoflower strain that I could buy…grow it…and then maybe mix with the White Widow CBD Auto I’m already growing in case the White Widow is ‘too strong?’.
I’m not looking for a anxious ‘panic attack’, just some pain relief and maybe a mild ‘high’.
Anyone relate?
Any input or suggestions as to what seeds, and where. That I should buy, t8 maybe mix with my first foray into ‘low THC/ high CBD herb’?
Thanks so much!!!


A friend just gave me some seed from a strain called auto tsunami. I looked it up and supposed to be 24-32:1 cbd to thc ratio. Going to start some this weekend.

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It’s a really hard question to answer due to everybody’s chemistry make up is different and the way thc affects each individual varies so much. I’d go with a cbd strain and a 1:1 strain. Mix them together to find what you’re looking for.


I might have been the White Widow CBD grower you are referring to. Mine were suppose to be 5% THC AND 10% CBD. After testing at a real lab they were almost the opposite. I did not get the seeds from ILGM. I did this year. I’ll see what I get in a few months. A lot does depend on how you grow and when you harvest. I think the only way to know is have it tested. Good luck and have fun. I can relate. I’m older too and don’t want/need the heavy THC stuff. Maybe we just got to old for that? LOL. I like a little whiskey and a cigar!

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Sounds good! Just my style!


I have read that AC/DC and Harlequin CBD Autoflower is good. Anyone ever grow either of them?

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@FirstTimer1 ILGM’s Critical Mass CBD auto might also fit for you. Have not grown it, just read descriptions.

@FirstTimer1 sorry you have all those symptoms, hope you find some combination of factors that works for you. I’m same age as you, and have apparently become quite sensitive to THC. Bought a small amount of Mimosa from a dispensary. One hit and I was stoned useless for three hours! But the after affects have been been positive- I have afib and get that “racing heart” intermittently. For a few days after smoking the Mimosa, my heart rate is normal, no racing at all. So I too am looking for something a little milder that might keep that heart rate tamped down. Also, I have enough short term memory loss as it us, I don’t need to accelerate it with too-powerful weed. :joy:

Thanks for writing! We are in the same boat. I think what I am gonna do is when I am done with my autoflower CBD White Widow grow, I’m gonna get the Harlequin and the ACDC regural type seeds and try growing that. I hear ACDC may be just the thing.
In the meantime, I’m gonna go and read about ILGM’s Critical Mass Auto because I like my first auto project, and ilGM is really good.
Im glad to hear the afib calmed after the smoke. That is encouraging!

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