Looking for a 4x4

Just wondering, with gorilla out of my price range. What would be a suitable alternative in a 4x4x80 size? I was trying to find a vivosun but they’re sold out everywhere. Should I wait until they become available or is there another brand that is well built, durable, won’t break the bank? Also, what brand/size exhaust fan for a tent this size?
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction

MarsHydro are probably your next best option if your looking at expenses. They are sold out on their website but if you just type it in on google there are other retailers that do have this product in stock. Hope that helps good luck

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How are they compared to vivosun?

Hydroplanet is good and very reasonable.

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Ok, I’ll check them out. Thanks

I am running one of those and a Vivosun. I like the zipper configuration on the Vivosun better. But both are good for me.

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Yeah maybe I’ll wait until I see them back in stock.