Looking for a 2x3x6 grow tent

This is what I was looking at ,Gorilla tent 2x2.5 GGT22 but would really like a good quality 2x3x6. If possible.

Lights I’m thinking per @SlowOldGuy . Horticulture Lighting Group 100 Watt Quantum Board LED Kit V2 x2

Also I won’t be able to get everything needed at the start…

I got the seeds the other day. Gelato and gold leaf

I was thinking that I would have time to start this seeds. Get the tent and 1 of the lights.within 10 days and should have 3-5 weeks to add the second light and ventilation ( carbon filter ) for smell.

Also am hoping to do 2 maybe 3 plants in there… please give opinions

The light choice is great.
I’d avoid ipower tents. I’ve got 2, they have many light leaks, the zippers suck, and customer service is zilch.
For a tent that size you coul just grow 1 plant, maybe two, unless you’re keeping them small.
Your timeline seems good. More light as they get bigger, and a filter as they get smellier. Might want to add a small oscillating fan in there too.

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2x3x6 will do well for two healthy plants. Suggest you plant 3 or 4. Keep the 2 best and weed out the rest. Especially if you have a bushy profile or do LST…two is what 2x3x6 can handle well.

Suggest you do only one strain at a time. Less complicated. Large profile plants will over shadow smaller slower growing strains.

If you have the space, suggest you consider a 4x4x6 tent. Only a few $ more and much more growing room. It would handle 8 …5 gallon buckets. Suggest starting with more than expected and cull the weak. Usually only about 2 in 5 seeds will grow big healthy plants.

BTW…first thing to buy is a PPM and PH meter set. Online at Amazon. $20 will get you a workable set. Essential for any kind of grow. Start at 20% of suggest feeding schedule.
The 1200PPM suggested by most feeding schedules has not worked with anything I have grown. It is a good way to stunt, stop or kill a growing plant.

Good Luck :cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:

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@tanlover442 I would love to go larger. But 2x3 is my max … but I can’t seem to find a brand in that size that looks good.

Thx for advice on the ph monitor

@Krushiem…spend an hour cruising tru the Amazon tents. Lots to choose from.
Look for lots of vents, opennings and a liner…better tents have these.

Hey I just spent a ridiculous amount of time looking at tents a few weeks ago trying to decide how to optimize my own tiny 2x2 space. So I understand your struggle lol.

2x3x6 is definitely a hard size to find. I went with a 24x24x55 as my flower tent, with a 24x24x36 on top for veg. Plenty of space for what Im trying to do.

Couple of questions. Do you need it to be 6’ tall? What kind of light will you be running? Reason i ask is bc using a QB led im able to keep my temps low enough to put my exhaust outside the tent, and gain a bunch of vertical space since my lights can be higher.

I took a look, and there is one 20x36x63 tent from Topolite on Amazon. Im not adding a link bc i have no clue about that brand, and theres a bunch of sellers of the same one. I will keep looking though and see if I can help track down one exactly in that size.

Oops I just re-read your first post. If you are using the HLG 100w I think a 5’ tent would be plenty tall.

I have the HLG 135w in my 2x2x4.5’ tent. I am only just starting w4 of flower but the stretch is done and i’m still doing fine with vertical space, could raise the light another 6" if I needed to.

Before I got a chance to raise it a bit yesterday, the tallest colas had gotten to about 8" from the light and no burn or anything. I raised it up to be 18" away from them again, but point is you can run them closer than 18" away during flower if needed.

Here’s the best I could come up with


and depending how DIY you are feeling (or if it would be possible to even do) maybe get 2 of these, and figure out a way to assemble them into 1 unit? Btw the size on the listing for this is wrong, its 24x36x36. So connect 2 together and u have your 24x36x72

You are probably going to have to settle for a 2 x 2 x 5 if your max space is 2 x 3.


Do u think I can do 2 plants in a 2x2.5?

hey @Ilovereggae, what kind of spacing u getting between leaf junctions?

Hey @monkman sorry not familiar w the term leaf junctions, assumed you mean spacing of bud sites during flower? Please teach :wink: Heres a few shots of what its looking like today (F22) under the HLG 135w v2. Ive got 2 Sundae Drivers and a Rocky Dennis in there that I did a lot of LST to keep low.

Also included a shot of a Rocky baby, 1 week after transplanting clone into 9oz Solo cup. This is under a HLG 65w v2.

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I’ve got 3 squeezed into a 2x2 it all depends how long u veg for. Current grow is two 3 gallon smart pots and one 2 gallon plastic pot. Tbh I wasnt a fan of all the training and defoliation involved in growing huge plants.

Next round im going to try 9 smaller plants in the .85 gallon smart pots now that I have a seperate veg tent.

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I got the Vivosun !!!

And one of the 100 W 288 QB version two
A temperature and humidity monitor.
A soil pH monitor.
A seedling heating mat .

In a few weeks or so I will get the second light the carbon filter and fan.

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I guess you probably could if you wanted. I have a 32" x 32" x63" and my one plant pretty much fills it now that it is getting ready to flower.

Let me put it this way… if I had a 2 x 2 tent, I would only try to grow 1 big plant in it… verses 2 itty bitty ones for a full veg to harvest grow.

@MoneyPit I decided to put it up against my long wall cutting the closet almost in half,long ways.but hopefully I can do 2


I am hoping that the 100 288 v2 will be great for my 20x36x62.

a single 100w QB will veg a 2x3 for 4-8 weeks,
after 1-2 wks of 12/12 it will need 2x QB 100w boards.!
good choice.! u will be very happy with those lights.!!


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Gorilla grow tent is super expensive. I heard it was the best one in this market. If you have enough money, go with it. But if you want to get a more cheap tent. check out MarsHydro tent. I like the metal frame and reflective mylar a lot.

Why you don’t look at UnitFarm tent 2x4 and UF684, one affordable kits with high quality, USA brand