Looking at tricomes I think she's done

I don’t want to turn it to sleep weed I grew some #1 skunk this plant is a jack herr it has frost just the buds aren’t compact very fluffy k

Better picture would help looks a little milky but clear too take a few more

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You are still throwing a lot of white pistils. You have at least 3 weeks out.


I smoke some out of desperation I’m not having anything a quick dried it and I got stoned so it works

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I feel ya mate im tempted to do that myself but I agree she has more fattening up to do


I just don’t want my Savita to act like indica the frost and the brown pistols

this is what I took it was he tight and not fluffy

Tons of clear. Jack Herer is almost a 50/50 sativa/indica. So there will be indica affects in it. She’s got plenty of time to fatten up. Really beautiful girl

Thanks man I cloned her and I just seeded some chocolate rain put five beans looking for maybe one male the rest females hopefully if I get my mail I’m going to crossbreed it with a jack her very smooth and it’s very tasty

Hey man this is a different plant blue tie

How much more do you think