Looking at this strain; Acapulco Gold

Was interested in growing this strain. Has anyone grown this? Any info would be appreciated. thanks :bat: :rofl:

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I’m growing one right now. They like outdoors far better than indoors… I read that several times and it wasn’t doing well in the tent with the others, so when I moved it outside, it perked right up. Yes, it’s still going but that happens outdoors.

It’s 5.5 feet tall now and two days ago it just showed me the first signs of actual flowers (no just pre-flowers). It’s huge and I’ve groomed it back twice now LOL


Thanks, I don’t believe with my height restrictions for my grow (tent size height) it would be a good grow. Could you scrog the grow? :bat: :rofl:


Yes, you can scrog or just some lst with tie downs.

Good luck! If you start a journal on her, please tag me!


A favorite from way back in the day :love_you_gesture:


Throwback from the 70’s. It used to be quite a treat if we could get our hands on AG. I think I have some AG seeds around here somewhere and may try to grow one soon.


You lucky dog, at least tag me on it, I might be able to virtually smell and taste it.


Here’s mine:

March 31, 2021
AG 1

May 23, 2021

A few days ago:


Very nice plant. Down the road a smoke report would be great to know. happy growing :bat: :rofl:

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I’m envious and salivating over here Caligurl :love_you_gesture:


Looking good. From the pic looks like you where trying to trim her until I zoomed in lol and saw the ruler.

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Thanks @thecount13 @Deepsix and @OGIncognito

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Thank you! It was a such a wonderful season!

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And welcome to the forum @sonomaseeds!!

How did the AG turn out? I have a few seeds coming :love_you_gesture: