"Looking at buying a new 1000 w ballasts

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I’m looking at buying a new 1000 w ballasts, any good makes & models you guys favor?”


Best and very reliable… No fans = no noise!!!
Don’t get the Matrix tho, go with the 600, 750, 1000, Boost (takes it to 1100 W) model, and a good timer.
Also wire it for 240v, it costs half as much to run.
Did an entire gro with one and also got the Solis-Tek HPS bulb.
The bulb is low E glass and enhanced spectrum, so it can be used throughout your entire grow.
I also got the 10,000k finisher bulb, which I’m using right now. You use this bulb in the last week of growing before harvest to fatten up your buds.
You can check out my grow journal for pictures.

I have two iPower 600w electronic ballasts with air cooled hoods. There are kits available on amazon with everything you’ll need, including bulbs!


@Traumamedic has it Solistek is a solid USA brand just make sure its the MULTI-WATTAGE as you Yankees call it :slight_smile:

that said @ktreez420 will give you slightly more power and a plan B if a ballast goes pop…

Q? what size grow room?