Looking at a New Vaporizer


I’m thinking of buying a new portable Vape. I like the portable vapes and own a Blackout X Dry Herb 2.0. I’ve had it for almost 6 months now and it seems like it is wearing out and I’m a daily smoker smoking one to two bowls a day. I have been looking lolite’s vapes but they look like they have a lot of accessories to contend with. My Blackout X really doesn’t have any parts that are replaceable except that power cord and it’s starting to look tired and a little worn out. It did come with a 2 year warranty even though it is still working fine I am always attached to a power cord. Now the lolite looks more versatile especially being free of a power cord. Does anyone have any suggestions or tips?


there’s a thread in the lounge i believe on differing vape’s peace… H


Do you have a link?


no just go to the ILGM lounge forum… or use the search feature on the forum and type in vapeing see if it comes up … some of us were talking about differing units …if cant find let me know …


Thanks Hammer!


I use the Firefly vape.
I have the original version, but they just released a new and improved version.
Maybe I’ll get it for Christmas or something. :wink:

It is pretty expencive though, but it is a pretty nice vape.


At $329.95 I think i’ll keep my Blackout X 2.0. I’m sure you get what you pay for but like you said that’s a bit pricey!


I don’t blame you.

Got mine on a black Friday sale. Otherwise I probably would have whent with something else. lol

I am happy with it though. :slight_smile: