Looking alot better since transplant

Those are 10 gal fabric pots and all the ladies are in hot soil now. Also watered with compost tea to perk them up again. PH meter comes Friday to get that under control but for now they seem okay with the move. Will update later this week when PH meter arrives. Cheers!


Update Question: Why does it get this hot if the ballasts to the lights are outside the tent?

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Plants are looking nice. If not already you might consider running the lights of a night and off of the day. Also where you’re pulling your fresh air from may need to be cooler. Good luck

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My lights come on around 8:15pm @ night. I have a 4 inch light baffle where the box fan is pulling in passive air. I plan on upgrading my exhaust and using that fan for active intake but at the moment that’s a $225 upgrade. The light itself runs 80-90 F without the drivers attached. SF4000 4x4 tent.

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Yeah everybody’s grow area is different depending on location and time of the year. But if you can get creative an drop temperature about 8 degrees you’ll be fine. I control the temperature of the space that I pull the fresh air from.


Mine just happens to be a 5x9 walk-in closet.

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Are you running and exhaust fan too pull hot stale air out of the tent ? And use Flex too exhaust outside.

Everything is on a timer hooked up to a Titan controller. My box fan comes on @ lights out to exhaust the stale air through the light baffle at the bottom of the tent. as I mentioned though I will be upgrading at some point because the box fan isn’t really pushing the hot air out, just around. Whenever I get my Cloudline T6 I can change it to active air intake and get rid of the box fan completely.

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Sounds like a plan ! your upgrade will be a big plus moving forward.

Well when I was looking, one of the reps at AC Infinity told me a T4 would be sufficient but obviously it’s not. But it’s whatever, live and learn.

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You might want to consider moving your exhaust fan (box fan or a clip on fan) to the upper part of your tent. The warmest air will be up there and your coolest air should be down low, depending on your set up. @kellydans hit the nail on the head- you only need to get your Temps down about 8°. Looks good man!!!

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The bottom will be a Cloudline T4 for intake and up top will be a cloudline T6 for exhaust

That sounds great man. Good luck. I will be watching. The big cut for mine comes tomorrow!

Better to invest more in exhaust. Passive intake is fine for most areas.
Oscillating fans in the grow area are also an advantage.