Lookin for any thoughts on improvements

So First time indoor I know I got to many plants in these tents but I was strain hunting lol I’m cloning 3 of each seeing witch ones I like and keeping those right now I got 3 tents and a closet one tent for clones / small plants one for teen and one for flower and the closet for seedlings right now I’m feeling with powdered mildew on my flowering plants and my teen plants due to it being over crowded any tips

I just got some growsafe to try any tips ?


Really just need more air flow for PM issues. Def too crowded


When I want to maximize plant numbers in a tent, I trim absolutely all axial limbs. The plants grow as single stalks covered in flower.

Even if I do that, my most compact genetics still require 8”x8” per plant.


What strain is that with the fern-like leaves? What does that strain taste like and how bushy/tall does it grow? Very interested in that style of genetics.

What he said :point_up:t2::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

After looking it up I think it’s called Freakshow. Definitely trying that stuff out.

Yeah it’s freak show it’s my first run of it so haven’t seen a final product yet but will let you know , it’s even pest and pm resistant

Yea I googled it and it’s gonna be crazy cray….oh and it’s been sold out everywhere since it came on the market. It’s derived from a clone and is HEAVY sativa. Hope this helps ya in how you might have to treat its emotions :rofl::facepunch:t2: