Lookin for a strong sativa

Hi. Looking for a STRONG sativa to grow in the Boston area. Not such a long grow season. To harvest on the Harvest moon. Learned my lesson waiting and getting greedy. All my currents started are indica dominant. Thank you in advance.:v::sunglasses:

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Gold leaf or aculpoco gold.

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Hey @DRsDank . If you had to pick. Which way do you go?:thinking: I have gold leaf ILGM seed here. But, I’m interested in a SPECIAL kind of high. I can find the acapulco gold seeds, im sure. Starting my own seed bank. Thanks man. Happy grow​:v::sunglasses:

Like them both equaly. Get good yield from both. The high is about the same. In my experience (from wife and friends) can’t hardly tell smoking one or the other. Harvest 2/3rds when trykes are cloudy with about 25/30 percent amber. That will be uplifting and high last an hour or more. Harvest rest when 50/60 percent amber nice and mellow sit down buzz to much and night night. Great for killing the pain of neuropathy either way.

You should check out Durban poison, supposedly one of the best outdoor in about any climate. It’s a landrace Sativa so about as Sativa as you can get.

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Thats a good one. I can’t grow it because it does not kill neuropathy pain. Been there tried that. It does do a good job of getting you high though.


Super silver haze. Mid october harvest. Dont know if thats an option.

That’s too bad, but what a plant it is! To think about all the different uses and then different flavors on top of it. You can kinda see why some wealthy interests might have wanted to prohibit us from growing it in our gardens.

I use gg4 edibles for that @DRsDank . Let me drop the gabopentin i was using.

Most excellent @ DRsDank . Cool information. Thank you. Gonna get me some Acapulco Gold seeds and expand my seed bank. Much appreciated.

Thanks @CurrDogg appreciate your input. Expanding my seed bank a bit.:thinking::rofl::rofl::rofl::v::sunglasses:

Thanks @DRsDank. Second vote for Durban Poison. Much appreciated. Growing difficulty?:thinking::v::sunglasses:

Thanks @W.B.elpaso. living right outside Boston, I need to harvestvery EARLY October. Fucked up weather. Going with mold resistant strains. Much appreciated. :grin::v::sunglasses:

Hey @anon53927112. Any personal experience with any of the strains you mentioned ? Much appreciated… I can ALWAYS depend on this forum.:v::sunglasses:

gg4. Elaborate, please.

Gg4 is a very potent 50/50 hybrid. Makes great hash/edibles/distillates. Kinda strong smoke for many. Can get very sedative. Works great on pain.

ILGM strain? @Storm
Thanks, man.:v::sunglasses:

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Look for sativa strains with a terpine profile that accomplishes what you are looking for. For instance: if you are looking for pain relief, then strains with myrcene, alpha-pinene, and beta-pinene will be helpful.


Ak 47 fast flowering too.

Great sativa high. Energizing and heady.