Lookin for a new light for my 4x4

First harvest done and curing got through the first month with a viparspectra reflector 450 In a 2x4. After that I got myself a 4x4 and about that time viparspectra came out with the 2020 pro series QB’s so I picked up a few of those… this harvest wasn’t bad actually got a little over 7 ounces off of 3 super skunk autos not Larfy either! But I know I can do much better that being said I’m looking for good lighting for flower in the 4x4 budget is around 700 I’ve looked into HLG they have a ton of options it seems but on the pricey side been looking at budget LED out of Michigan are they any good?



he is the lighting expert on here and will be along after awhile to try and help you out

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|Horticulture Lighting Group HLG 550 V2 RSpec Full-Spectrum 480W Quantum Board LED Grow Light (Full Cycle / Flower) - LED Grow Lights Depot

1|Horticulture Lighting Group HLG 550 V2 RSpec Full-Spectrum 480W Quantum Board LED Grow Light (Full Cycle / Flower)120V NEMA 5-15 / HLG 550 only

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Thanks man that looks promising

don’t go by me wait for dbrn32 to come by and talk to you

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Alright! Was looking at the new 600 R-Spec for 850 might just have to wait and extra week or 2 and snag one of those probably a lot for a 4x4 can always dial it down a tad I suppose I know HLG is pretty big deal lately it seems like I’m sure they do much better than the cheap ones I have

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The hlg-550 r-spec is a great light. There is at least a few 10% off codes that should be active too, I believe takes price to something like $765 shipped direct from hlg.

There’s a lot of people that seem to like the budget led fixtures. Imo it’s kind of annoying they just don’t put up integrated sphere report like all of the manufacturers they claim to be using same leds. Seems a little fishy to me. If their lights were just as good and they could sell that much cheaper you would think they would be more than happy to pony up the few hundred bucks and post results, but they don’t. If money is tight though, you could certainly do worse.

Check Rapid LED, they have the pucks that are great too. This fixture is in that price point. Some assembly I think is required too, but it’s not hard.