Look right for 2 day dry?

She was cut and hung about 48 hours ago.

Was just wondering if this looks right to you guys.
The texture is starting to feel dry, and the smell of the room has changed to a different smell…
Not a bad smell, just different…

So I’m wondering if I have to much air, or maybe not enough…?

You want a nice breeze in the room, but not direct air flow on the buds. Also, do you know the humidity of the room?

It’s coming along but give it a couple more days then jar it up

I hang it about four days in this warm/hot weather

Then I open the jars for 10-15 minutes every 6 or 8 hours the first week ( very important )

then open maybe 3 × day for the next week and then maybe twice a day for the third week then once a day the fourth week and from there it’s pretty much all set

I actually didn’t think about the humidity of the room, but should have an idea in 12 hours or so I’d say…

It gets some air off an oscillating fan, thinking I might want to turn that off, but I’ll wait until I have my humidity level… Unless you guys think I should turn it off and get the humidity reading with out the fan first?

It should have been kepted in the dark
Light will deminish the THC and it won’t be as strong


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Normally it is kept in the dark. I moved it to take a few pics.

One time the light was left on for a few hours, but I figure a room light for only a few hours can’t have hurt it to badly…?

I’m actually drying it in a bathroom, with the exhaust fan on hoping for smell control in the house.

I think it’s working, at least no one has said anything. lol

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Relax, the hardest part’s over

Clip a bud, enjoy ! :relaxed:

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Hoping for smell control in the house…let me know how that fart fan works out for you.