Look normal? About a month or a little more

Looks really healthy. You might want to think about whether or not your lighting is adequate. There’s a lot of space between the nodes.

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Growing indoor under a skylight. Just to see how it turns out. I have a tent and led with a couple plants a little younger. The light cycle for flower should be in tune with Mother Nature in my state.

Regardless of how they grow, unless they’re auto plants they’ll likely never flower given they will still get ambient light even when the days themselves shorten… Photo plants will need full darkness for 12 hours, ambient light in the house will break that.

If you live in a legal state, perhaps you can put them outdoors when the days shorten? They do look pretty healthy outside of the stretch.

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You’re on your way to a beautiful houseplant. When chosing a quality led vendor aim for ~40-50 actual watts per square foot. Biggest thing with LED is which one gives off the most ppe
PPE (photosynthetic photon efficacy) is the PAR photon output of a light source (measured in micromoles per second or µmol/s) divided by the input power (W) to produce that light. PPE (measured in µmol/J) will provide growers with insights about how competent the light is at converting watts into photons.
HLG is the house favorite by far around here.

But as I said. You have a healthy houseplant, definitely see a green thumb. You’ll see 5ft tall twiggy weed plants that never produce buds in it’s current conditions. You got a green thumb for sure tho.

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This is the light I have.

I’d feel safe trying to flower a 3x3 or 2x4 area if those numbers are correct. The user manuals for lights are actually, to my finding, way more representative than the ads. The suggested flowering area in any user manual I’ve seen has not been misleading. Like my “2000w” that had a manual saying 1.3/1.3ft flowering… Now even at 200 that doesn’t add up.

Basically/anyways. I’d feel safe with your current light in the area size I said above. Just be wary of ads. Most of them don’t list actual wattage on the ad like yours.

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Do you agree I would not be able to flower using Mother Nature in my sky light room. Plants outside get ambient light correct?

Not through a window.

Edit. Because your window is most likely polarized.
Always feel like we miss that bit of information in this explanation

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Light filtered through a window does not allow for the proper light spectrum for cannabis. You’ll most likely be disappointed with the results.

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I laid the tall skinny plants down in my tent with led lights.