Look forward after The best grow light

I have 3 pices 600w hps and a 1650w led in a 3, 5 m long and 2 m bre and 2.40 high room.
But i Looking forward after better Light…
Pleas help me to find The best lamp to grow monster bud.
I am new grower and a pain patient some need god resultat to my pain.
Love and Light

Best Light for Flowering Cannabis – LED

#2 ABI 12W Deep Red LED Bloom Booster Grow Light Review

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As it will be discussed later, red is the spectrum that is more suitable for the marijuana when it is in the flowering stage. Blue, on the other hand, is the more important color during the vegetative growth of the plant. This LED light delivers 660nm of red light, which is more than enough to induce flowering.

Because this is a LED light, expect that this is going to last for a long time. Based on the specifications from the manufacturer, the rated lifespan of this light is 50,000 hours.

For your peace of mind, the light comes with a three-year warranty from the manufacturer.

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600W HPS lights are going to crank out some light and are great for flowering. You have a lot of grow space, so maybe they won’t cover it all, but a 600W HPS will cover probably 1 to 1.5 square meters of space.

People on this site really like the HLG quantum boards. They are expensive, but the trade off is that they are efficient and will offset the initial cost with lower electricity bills. They come in different spectrums for veg and flowering.


Well you can’t beat hps for light output! I have grown better , larger and faster under hps. I supplemented it with led lights to get maximum weight and quality.

This is day 3 12/12 off light , 33 days from seed! I think hps has been the reason.


Like what i see, is it scrog???

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I Will try this next time i get monney… Love and Light

I have like 50 in sog and like 15 freemindgrow beside, nerly sog grow area.
Its my sekend grow session ever, i reealy look forward to harvest this about 1 month.
Love and Light

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Whan i ask four Light… I Will ask for nutrients to… Could You give me some advice to buy The best nutrichen???
I am reealy new in this But totely hookt
Love and Light

Thanks man! It’s not scrog, those are purple grandaddy, Northern lights, GG#4 , Columbian Gold, Super skunk, Durban poison. I have a scrog net but I use it for holding colas. ![15413545736472294607530136605732|374x500] (upload://yMqrnvyW73gl7AkpjF1KwRbKdVL.jpeg) I made it myself, the stuff online is expensive. I can raise or lower it with pulleys.

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General hydroponics.

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Tanks man
Love and Light from sweden

Have you trimmd all levs avay under this topp flover???

That’s not exactly accurate. Hps can certainly grow a nice crop, but there are a few lights available that have higher efficacy than hps.

These buds are under MarsproII320 led for your reference.


Waow so Nice :yellow_heart::green_heart::heart:

Thank you. More powerful light can help us harvest more, it is 46W/sf under mars light

I am very curious about your 1650W LED. Can it output actual 1650W? I guess it only has 500W? So you almost have 1800W+500=2300W in this room. Almost 30W/sq ft. It is not bad.
I was using Mars pro II 160. It is fantastic for the veg stage. The blue light is beautiful. I will turn on the bloom switch soon for flowering. The draw power of this light is around 310W. I think you can add one into your room.

Yes, maby it is good… We Will see The yeld about 30 days. I think maby this be ok.
But i think this led panel whit White Light… 3000 k and 4000k maby 5000k.

Now i think and look four details to biuld me this Light… And boost The White Light The last 20 days whit hps 600 w and red led to give The White Light extra help in The end… Do You think that should be ok??? Or do i need only White Light??? I read about White Light more and more and think that is the best, just four to Day.

I Will goo to somone else to see hove this guy or girl grow… If I could goo to someone in Holland or USA or Canada to just learn grow weed… I should probely do it.

Hove are you grow??? And what seed do You grow?? Do You have som advise??

I have this grow room and maby one more soon.

I am pain patient and need medicin four my pain. I eat opiater evry Day, But i be so in bad tempere on that medicin, i dont like that.

So over time i Will chanche to only weed, IF that works.

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I grow some autoflowers with LED grow light. I used Mars pro II 160 in 2x4 tent. I am new to indoor grow but i have learnt the light for a long time. So i am tight on grow techs. lol. I need to spend some time to learn how to grow better.
I use it for recreation. lol. The buds price on market is very high here. And a lot of my friends grow indoor and they are happy. So i went in. I am very curious it really can let you feel painless? It just let me feel high.:joy: