Look at the difference!

These plants were planted at the same time all are 5 weeks old. This is the difference between growing in mostly right conditions and just trying to grow weed in dirt.

Just a little experiment I did.


Right conditions as in hitting the Plants VPD or DLI?

I am only in my first grow and focusing on my VPD I am having major success but just wanted some confirmation that targeting VPD was worth it over traditional growing


I mean like the type of soil used and light source. I used FFOF soil for my tents plants I used regular mulch for the other plant. I had maybe a 50w light on the small plant but I have a Mars hydro tsl2000 in the grow tent. I control the humidity and temp in the tent and just let the other plant do whatever. Water and fertilizer have been the same for all of the plants. And I check DLI not sure about VPD….

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Targeting vpd should be traditional growing. Your plants need proper vpd to move water and nutrients through them at correct rate. If you’ve ever seen a recommended temperature and relative humidity to run your grow, vpd is the reason. A big problem with just following along with random numbers is that most are thrown out for hps grows, and majority of growers today are using led lights. Led lights don’t heat leaves the same way hid lights do, which leads to lower leaf surface temps, and that means the ideal canopy temps and relative humidity will be different.


After introducing the girl to some good light and nutes . She’s perked right up, strange how she almost looks like she topped herself lol guess that was the stress.