Longest and Shortest Grow?

I think an interesting topic is the duration of your grows. My first girl, an auto, is about 112 day old now. She was listed as a fast grow-seed to harvest in 70 days. I had planned on chopping her today…but I might just give her another day or two.

What was your longest and shortest grow? Any interesting details you would like to note about them?


Good topic :blush:. My outdoor fem. Widows were started inside in March, I think :thinking:, transplanted and moved outside in May, and totally harvested mid October. So about 8 long months. I’m going to try to keep better records next grow :grinning:.


Longest grow indoors dwc 18 months pound and a quarter dry weight shortest indoor dwc 4 months lil over an ounce


@JoshawaM, Wow 18months ! That is incredible. I will be very surprised if someone has a longer grow…You just amazed me :sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face: I bet the aroma was intense.

I do believe @Donaldj or @Majiktoker was one of them that veged that long before me hence why i tried it

I would never have that kind of patience…no way, not me. Heck, @SmoknGranny, eight months would be hard for me, but I could do it…but 18? never.


Lol those of us that do go that long have others going too, so we have stuff rotating all the time the one is still growing

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I have for sure, my very first plant I grew for over a year mostly in veg she was there I started learning by leaps and bounds and I thought it was never gunna end and finally she finished


That was your main line project correct

@Majiktoker, a strain i have a real problem going longer than 5 months is pineapple express

Yea but that was long before I even got here, and what problem are you having with her?

She grows beautiful in veg till about month 4 then starts shedding really bad but flip her to flower gets pretty again no matter how i change up the nutes i am running borderliner and strawberry kush to and pineapple express is the only one that does it all dwc all 5.8

How have you an the wife been @Majiktoker

That’s odd, with no pictures I honestly have no idea off hand

I just pulled them but i will show you some off the next run but yeah she sheds even green leaves flip to flower an she does a 180 an look great

The other thread I tagged you to was my journal if youd like to post updates there on the next run ill be happy to follow along

Ok brother

I don’t know if you would count it as “a grow”, but some people keep their mother plants in veg for years. You just have to keep taking cuttings and you can use them for clones or throw them away. I think you have to trim the roots as well.

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I’ll jump in my shortest grow was 57 day from seed with a auto plant super hash beam was gifted to me and bought from another seed bank :frowning::-1: not advised lol
And my longest has been my Gorilla Glue they just don’t like to finish up and take time to amber up
Longest 51/2 -6 monthly
Happy growing all :v:CB :cowboy_hat_face:

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