Longer than recommended flower time?

Ilgm white widow photo. 9.5 weeks since flip to flower. Does it usually take longer than their said flower time of 9 weeks? Hardly any amber trichs except a few on sugar leaves.


Times listed are typically best case in ideal conditions etc, etc.

Serves as a good guide as to when to start looking closely but that’s about it.

She looks beautiful though and looks like she’s getting close.

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Thanks you. Started flushing plain water just before start of week 9 and leaves are dying off fast now, might have to wait an extra week next time.

From flip means you didn’t measure your transition. So you aren’t at week 9 of flower. More likely 7 or 8.

New growers for some reason never learn that part. The flower period is after transition… which is usually 7-14 days after flip. My last two where 14 and 13 days before I saw crowns. Meaning day 1 of flower.

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Great info budz. It’s my first grow and ilgm, YouTube, internet educated only. Don’t think I’ve heard of this before. Don’t think I’ve heard it explained so far. What is crowns or flower day one then? About to read your posted thread so I’ll get it if it’s in there

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Changing the lights tells the plant to start flowering, so she begins the process. Takes a couple days for the first tiny pistil hairs to show up, then you’ll see her Benin to look like a little button of them on her head. That’s her crown and the start of flower

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Thanks man, won’t be making that mistake again.

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