Longer Lasting Buzz Strains (smoke)?

Hello! New guy here with a question about strains. I am looking for a strain that actually has a buzz that lasts longer than 30 min. Bubba Kush has come pretty close as of late. Can strains be manipulated to have a shorter effect time? What a concept. A buzz that lasts 20-30 min. (gotta buy more). Unfortunately, I feel that if this is a possibility to manipulate the effect time, the big boys would be all over that.
Anyway, any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!!

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What is your experience with edibles. My wife is usually unaffected by them but, we made some canna butter and she put about 25mg worth in her coffee and it took about an hour to get going but lasted about 4 hours.


Edibles are the best bet for that. Dabs are a close second.

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Moby dick last for awhile Ive been smoking Moby dick and I stay happy for hours and it tastes fruity

Yeah, the same here with edibles. I’ve been growin for a couple years so just seeing if there were any strains of smoke someone knew about that had a longer lasting buzz.

Thanks! I’ll look in to that one…

Sorry, was looking for flower strains.