Long Wait For Order (past expected)

I know I haven’t waited the 15 days recommended, but it has been 12 days. I wouldn’t suspect much as it still hasn’t been 15 but the expected delivery date on the tracking was May 5, 6 days ago. It says it’s still “in transit”. I was wondering if maybe anyone else has had this same experience and if it’s normal? Or maybe the seeds were found + destroyed?

I have, and I’ve had packages intercepted. Just wait and be patient.

Wait 30 days, then email customer service, and they’ll resend the order.

If they were intercepted, you’ll still get the package but with a letter with the reason for seizure. Postal services have been off lately. My last seed package showed delivered for two days. I was afraid they put it in the wrong mailbox. Contacted post office and they said it’s ready for pickup. Set up a redelivery amd it was here the next day

Ok this clears things up a little. Thanks!

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Happens all the time. I ship stuff for a living and delays happen all the time with usps.
If it says in transit its in the system.
Had one hang up in Kansas City for almost 2 weeks. Not ILGMs fault.
And worst case scenario is they get lost and ILGM will reship since tracking will show it missing.
But it is no fun when it happens…I know.

Just for example … My postmaster told me about the most common problem with small envelopes.
Most small mail pieces are packed into mailbags for transit between shipping centers.
Looks kinda like this.
Imagine your envelope on the bottom and while dumping the bag into the sorting machine its held in place by the grip someone has on the bag corners. Feels empty and the bag is tossed aside for reuse. Maybe the next time its filled and dumped is a day later,maybe its a week or two. Until then the envelope is “In Transit” but not seen moving by tracking. Eventually it will show up and get delivered. I have shipped thousands of packages thru USPS and have only ever lost one.
Maybe this info will help others to understand what happens sometimes.


I am having a similar issue. Ordered seeds 3 weeks ago Friday and they have yet to ship.

Here’s your problem:


Ahhhh… it all makes sense now!

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I am waiting on several packages( not seeds ) and all are taking forever. If its USPS its gonna be late a lot during these times. My 2nd day package has been 10 days now and it’s still at the USPS carrier pigeon loading center.

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I have had my seeds “Found” but I still received empty package with customs warning attached. :flushed:

I ordered new seeds almost a month ago…not my first order, I used same ach payment method, same account. My order still says payment pending but bank is showing money taken for the order. Support form page has error codes…the the hell is going on…???

@Weedlvr0321 i would direct your question to support. Although I’m sure you’d seeds have alre shipped.

I’ve been trying to reach support but I keep getting an error page when it goes to the form.

Check your emails. Search ILGM in the inbox you used in for your order. They send updates frequently. @Weedlvr0321
It’s also where they would’ve contacted you if any issues had arose