Long time smoker here are my first 2 plants any advice is appreciated


So I planted these two on July 20th they were just some seeds I got out of some mid grade bud off the streets I just threw them in a cup not expecting much but shortly after understood I had 2 new responsibilities… I kept them under CFL from day 1-25 around there I transplanted right before veg one outside in ground on outside in 1.75 G pot the one in the pot was brought in daily and lighted with a couple 100 watt CFL a few hours longer than the one outside. Well it’s been 7 weeks and the one outside has now reveled herself and I understood she flowered first because I was lighting the other one more and she was only getting about 13 hours of light a day outside I don’t have a good pic of the whole plant that is flowering just her first hairs and I’ve changed the potted plants light to strictly outside along with other in an attempt to force it to show sex… the flowering one was just recently topped but the potted one was topped at only 3 or 4 weeks old (I don’t know if that’s good or not lol) here they are:


She is a beauty. Perfect little plants


Thanks alot this first time grow was not even planned i did experiment with topping around 3 weeks on the plant I got my hand on and since then it worked perfect I’ve also taken responsibility with some white widow autos I have a different post about them although I was more or less showing them off so far. I experimented with these 2 lucky they survived the one flowering was rained on for close to a week I stuck a lawn table over it temporarily though she pulled through…


They look great dude! Great job, specially for a first timer! :v:


September 13th


So I’m pretty sure after a close look at my biggest plant the one I was forcing to sex its a boy :confused:



KILL HIM!! I think I saw an aphid on him anyway. Kill him too! :imp:


Definitely a male I haven’t killed him though
He came from a really killer bag of Kush I bought off the streets even though idk the strain I thought briefly of sexing him with one of my White Widows maybe my runt when she flowers idk yet I’ve never bred marijuana but I bet they would make a killer strain! I’m going to be experimenting alot throughout all my grows


separate him… kill him when he matures,…after you bag some of his pollen.
would have to be careful but its worth a shot to sprinkle just a wee bit’o his love powder on one bud right?


Yeah he’s separated and maybe he’ll be mature when she flowers she’s an auto about 12 days old he’s a regular seed just started showing signs of sex


you can force him into flower with light schedule but I am unsure at what point that can be done…soon I would guess since he is showing signs anyway… that way you can assure you get his pollen harvested before she is in flower but it might be close…

not sure about crossing autos with photos,…my guess is you would have a fifty/fifty shot at auto seeds and photo seeds…

if you get lucky and pull an auto male out of that to get pollen from then you can start producing your own auto seeds I would guess.


They are mature enough to force flower, but I’d hash the male to keep from pollinating your others. I’d wait untill you get a few harvests of bud to worry about breeding or seeds.


Hey guy’s, when I have several cuttings to sex, I root them for 2weeks and then go 12/12 for flowering. 2weeks later or less, I know what I want to keep and discard any males. I put them back in veg. 18/6. It does put you back a little, but I would rather have all females at flower time then find out 3males took up all my space! Good luck, Mike


I keep it far away from my females this point I only bring 4 of my 7 autos in at night 3 autos are in ground outside near the regular female plant I have that’s started flowering it’s 8 weeks old from seed and smells so DANK at night and in morning! During the heat of the day you can’t hardly smell it at all lol


2 months old tomorrow she’s been showing white hairs about a week now my first female grow…


2 & 1/2 months old looking great I think for my first grow both female and male from the same kush strain bought off the streets I wish I knew what strain…



Here’s the male


planning on running a seed crop?. or just gonna sprinkle a couple buds?


I’m considering a seed crop, just with the male and one of my White Widow Autos since I have like 4 and I’m wondering does pollinating the female lower her thc?