Long Time Smoker, First Time Grower

As per the subject, been smoking forever and moved back to the 209 when it recreational went legal. Been growing this since the end of March. No clue what the strain is since this seed came from my last bit of flower from VA. My concerns:

  1. A LOT of my fan leaves are falling off. The buds seem to be fine though. I haven’t used any fertilizer, just some organic basic soil from Walmart.
  2. Some of the pistols are turning amber. Not many, but enough to notice. The buds are still relatively small and no where near ready. But then again, wtf do I know lol!
    Any help or advice would be graciously appreciated🖤

Looking good! Fan leaves dying towards the end of the life cycle is pretty normal. Means all the juice is getting sucked out of them. My guess is you have 3-4 weeks left. Good luck!


don’t worry, looking god.
yellow leaves are normal. don’t remove them. remove only old brown crispy dead leaves if you need to
keep going, good luck


Your grow container is a storage container…correct?

First…you could add more grow media…unless you are taking inside everyday?
Roots will grow on media covered stalk.

Second…just guessing you are doing low budget grow. If so, WalMart is stocking Alaska grow products…part 1 veg, part 2 bloom, PH up, PH down, …and Fish Emulsion. 5-1-1…$7.
Fish Emulsion is a safe easy way to add nutes.

Good safe way to add goodies to make you Lady happier and help grow flowers.

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