Long time smoker first time grower, led, coco ph.6-6.5

I believe they look healthy 3 days into veg white widow all bought from ilgm but I’ve notice some of the leaves on this one growing not as one but almost like it’s been cut and folded over on its self. Any information would be handy thanks.

Awesome information btw, I’ve learned so much
from this group much love


Looks great to me, giphy (1)

Champion, thanks you the reply

You’re going to have problems really soon unless you get your ph down to around 5.8, the sweet spot. coco between 5.5-6.2. And to get your plants to grow faster, start in solo cups and very carefully cut down like six to eight sides then pot up to final pot


I’m in coco and it’s about 6.0 ph, I just went from plug to into big pot, didn’t want to keep transferring with autos. I thought maybe humility since been in the tent I cant get it above 40 aiming for 65% i think I need speed controller on my exhaust fans. I’m only guessing. But could that be a reason?


You didn’t mention what size tent you are growing in or how high your temperatures are getting with lights on. If your temps are getting over 80f and humidity is getting under 40% this can definitely cause problems. I’m not sure exactly what your ratio should be, I know that there’s a VPD chart showing where it would be most beneficial at. I have a 4x8x7 ft. tent that I had to raise my humidity up in. So I ended up getting a Aircare Wholehouse humidifier. If you’re in a smaller tent you wouldn’t need that much. Amazon has plenty of options. You may want to consider a controller also, lots of options also. This is the one I use,it works great. Also I’ve seen on here that you should use evaporative rather than a ultrasonic misting system.

4x4x6.5 I have a digital humidifier set at 65% but doesnt seem to keep up with exhaust fans. Switch off the exhaust fans and no problems but sitting at 26 c and 65 humidity. I’ve order speed controller to turn down the exhaust fans, should I leave them off and keep humidity correct or run them dry at 40% humidity until they arrive.

Just wondering if thats the problem with the leaves growning under each other, almost looks like ducks feet. Or something else.


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I’m a new grower also. The truth is I’m not sure. I had same problem with not being able to keep humidity up. With the 4x8 tent I had room to just get a larger humidifier. I’ll tag a couple people who could possibly answer your questions better than I can. @Covertgrower @Nicky @Myfriendis410 @KeystoneCops. These guys should be able to help.

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@Bulldognuts cheers, guess alot of its trial and error. Learning.


I’m not sure how much time you have to go through threads, but if you can just check out threads on different subjects you can learn a lot just reading different questions and answers. Being New Years day might take a little while for people to respond. Use search feature to find threads about this subject. Good Luck, you should start Grow Journal it is a good way to keep track of your grow and get answers and advice.

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Even a small pan of water directly in front of a fan can raise RH. Wet towel, opening vents may help?


I don’t worry about the RH. Why? Because it can grow in all wide ranges of weather in nature and my yields now 8 z’s dried and cured due to updating my lights to HLG.

Before those my best was 3.32 z’s dried and cured. My RH stays less than 45% from start to finish. I’d stack my marijuana against any grower in the Netherlands.


Hi @Hulksmash . I’m a little out of sorts this morning, but I’ll try to help you figure this out. @Bulldognuts is too kind; I’m not an expert.

Can you tell us:

The strain and seedbank?

Container size?

Fertigation schedule and EC?

Temperature and humidity in your home?

Temperature and humidity outside?

Exhaust fan CFM?

What light are you using?

Malformed leaves can be genetic, stress, both, or some other factor I can’t think of. These specific leaves don’t concern me, FYI. There are some indications your plant is a little bit of a mutant, which is okay!

You can raise the plant’s humidity by placing a dome over it; do you have clear cups or plastic containers you can modify to cover this seedling?


In my experience, unless your fighting temperature you do not need an exhaust fan running when they are that small. At that age I will run a small internal tent fan to keep air circulating. Once I transplant to larger pots and start watering more, my humidity will rise in the tent, that is when I start running the fan.


I agree with Bubblehead I do the same thing. However you never mentioned what stage of life your plants are in. Flowering you want less humidity.


Auto white widow from Ilmg,
I’ve just transfer to 5 gallon 60% coco 40% perlite
I’m using a watering pot with 6.0ph
Around the outside and a spray bottle with N
Growing fertilizer 1 lt= 0.9m around the plant base.

It’s been pretty hot here, from 30-42 degrees.
Just recently bought a portable aircon rinna kw4 for the room, I was in the low 30’s while in the dome, highest was 38 without the aircon. Had to go buy one then.

Was under t5 in a dome,
Moved to a tent once I got a humidifier 3 days ago. With exhaust system running the humidity doesnt get above 30. Turn it off today and bought the humidity up and its kept up with just a small fan in the tent.
Now waiting on speed controller for exhaust system and QBL 2 - Samsung LED Chips and COB Grow Light 240watt.

Now their under 2 cheap led from amazon
Out put about 192W from the wall.

3 days into veg.
Spouted 18th dec


Like others said, turning off the exhaust, or running it periodically is appropriate right now.

I’d invest time into learning about the relationship between relative humidity, transpiration, and electrical conductivity of your water. With dry, warm air your plant has the opportunity to draw and transpire more water, but if the EC is too high then that can hinder transition and stunt the plant. I’m trying to understand this better myself. A quality EC meter is important for coco or any hydroponic system.

Putting it another way, the plant needs to drink more water because of the environmental conditions, but the nutrient demands are the same. If the water is too salty, it throws everything off.


You’ll be helping if you put the dome back.


I was wondering when someone would point this out.

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Are these ILGM WW? I’m on my second run with ILGM WW (6 plants total. ) all had some form of leaf curl in the beginning

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