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First and foremost I’d like to thank the whole community. I have learned so much here. Special thankx to @dbrn32. I wouldn’t have my HLG 320 lights without all the help you gave to other members. I read advise you had given many of them and built mine from the kit.

That said. This will be my very first Auto grow. Last night I popped 9 ILGM beans into the bath. They soaked 24 hours and have been moved to a wet paper towel today. 3 are bubblegum, 3 are Jack Herer, and the other 3 are OG Kush.

I have 2 tents ready for them to call home. My first tent is a 2x4 with a Viperspectra 600. My second tent is 4x4 with the 320w xl HLG and two cheap chinese cob lights that actually work pretty well. For nutes I will be using Nectar For The Gods sample kit with an extra add on or two.

I do have a few grows under my belt. But never with autos so please feel very free to offer advise or tag anyone that is experienced with auto or with NFTGs nutes. I have read their bible several times but it is not an easy nute line.

I uploaded my beans soaking just to make sure I have the hang of posting. I have seen several people have trouble posting images for their first time.


Nice, autos have been weird for me. I topped one and it started budding right after. I would have rather had one main cola than 2 bunched together!

@bonnie1 is an auto grower. Any advice? Hope you don’t mind me tagging you!


Thank you very much. My original thought was to go heavy on the LST and only grow 4 auto plants in my 4x4 space. However my last grow ran into some issues and now I find myself in a tight spot. Hence the reason I popped 9 beans.


I always germinate more seeds than needed, I talk a big game about tossing out the stragglers, but I’ve only culled 2 females out of at least 40 and if I give them away I always take a clone to keep a small sample, just in case it’s “the one”.


Very nice, I’ll be watching! Welcome, although you’ve been ‘around’ a while. :v:


Welcome to the typing side of the forum

I dropped one of each of what you have around 4-29
Also my first time with Autos
I topped them all except Jack between the 3rd and 4th set of true leaves per an article on the AFN site.

Here they are about 5 days ago


@AAA… I fim my plants and get several new shoots every time and they must be fimmed or topped by the time they are a month old, has to be done early in the auto plant life, after 4 leafs appear will be ready to pinch center. :+1:

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Welcome To ILGM.

Haha ole @dbrn32 I too grabbed a 320 XL while just reading along and going by what advice he was giving others. LOVE the 320 BTW. No issues and tight nodes that’s for sure. Good luck with the grow and excited to see your XL produce some major buds for ya!!


Welcome good luck with your grow

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4 autos will feel a 4x4 space up nicely for me 4 is a perfect fit for that size space. Good luck


I’m putting 4 in a 4 by 2 and a half foot I think I could fit 5


I pretty much did that, it just started budding right after. I’ll post a photo. It’s Tangerine Dream

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Welcome to the forum! I’m glad I can help, also see you are at least somewhat local.

With having 9 beans popped, i would kinda see how things go before deciding a course of action. You could probably run the nine plants in 3 gallon pots and have a full canopy without any training at all. If you loose a few, then maybe look at opening plants up a little bit to help fill the space.


@bonnie1 here she is


I have put six in a 4x4 space but I planned it where I had 2 early finishers an 4 late finishers . I got the Jack Herer out early and push the northern light to the limits. Good luck with your grow.

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I can’t imagine actually culling any female. Waste not want not and all.

Thank you @elheffe702.

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I checked out your thread. Or at least the last post so far. Your plants look beautiful. I never keep mine so green late in life so you can be sure mine will not look so pretty that close to the end of their life.

@bonnie1 Have you tried LST on autos? I’d love to top/fim them as that is my usual routine with photos. I just worry about premature flower setting in. Has it ever happened to you when you fim?

@AAA… she looks great! Little short but every seed is different & you got a shorty :joy: it happens.