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So the Mean Well LED Driver HVGC-100 Series 100W 350mA – 1050mA? or ELG-100-C350B would work?


Or a Tridonic Driver LCI 100W 350mA–900mA TOP INDUSTRY sl?

Well that one aint dimmable but those are the specs I am looking for?


Not familiar with tridonic, the others only work if you have high voltage input, like 230v.

You want to use 280mm Eb gen 2 right? How big of a light do you want and do you want dimming or not? I will find you 350ma driver.


We run 240v from the wall here so high voltage is ok… it’s the eb strips cutter sells, no mention of generation

Well the space is 1.3 x 1.3ft or a whisper over 400mm x 400mm. Is that what you mean by loght size?

Yes I want dimmable please


Oh and yes ot is the 280mm long strips


Ok, appears cutter has the gen1 strips in stock. They are a little higher forward voltage than the newer strip.

Elg-100-350a will run 12 of them and has a dimmer. That light is probably a little more than you need for a space that small. But better than alternative.


Maad man, thank you heaps… Am I late to the tablle or should i be saying congratz on grow mentor status mate that is awesome stuff man
Do they give ya mad perks or just a maad status under ya username?

I realise it is an over kill light but been looking at the Hlg 65, the best price I can find is $200aud with $30 for shipping, coming in at $230($164usd) and
The 12 strips are total of $45 and Elg-100-350b for $88 which brings us in at $133($95usd) with alot more watts.

Hlg 65 works out $3.50($2.50)p/watt
Diy EB works out to about $1.43p($1.02usd)p/watt


Thank you! By mad perks you mean other than spending my time with you wonderful pot heads? I volunteered, not exactly sure otherwise. That title tho, haha. I would be here just as much doing same stuff with or without it, but I do appreciate the kind words.

Looks like you figured out build pretty well too, nice work!


I dunno, thought they might give ya lab membership or better deals on seed stock, either way that is still wicked. From what I see you helping every man and his dog with you definitely deserve it!

Yeah I feel alot more confident with the diy after doing the first build and your help/advise, more of a hands on person once I see it I can do it

With the Forward Voltage being higher on the gen1 eb strips does that mean they are less efficient then gen2?


Well they are a little less efficient, but it’s not necessarily because the voltage is higher. I’d take a wild guess and say it could potentially be the other way. The forward voltage could be lower on new strips because they are more electrically efficient.

I was already a lab member, so I’m not really sure. I suppose its possible, but I never asked.


Well it has been a while between updates on the girlies, they are doing pretty good i think.
Starting to really fatten from what they were, may not end up the most dense but am cool with that, but have had some crazy hot days here and can not cool the house reasonably let alone the poor girls so it seems they may have some “foxtails”.

Not sure the photos show but they are starting to get alot of tiny trichs, been 5 weeks since light flip.

The driver, aluminum plate and led strips get here next week so veg light build will be on, will try do some as I go photos. Also getting a solar air pump for making compost teas, hopefully will be on a roll for next round of girlies… wh00p wh00p la la loving this


So not sure if I am allowed to link this but I have found a rather interesting study on the difference between some Organic and Synthetic product lines. A fair read and a lot of information but rather handy reference tool
I in no way have anything to do with this information except finding it interesting and helpful and wish to put it out there for others to be able to also gain the knowledge.

If I am not meant to link this feel free to let me know and I will remove asap… hopefully you’ll enjoy as much as I did.


You’re welcome to link various articles you come across as long as they dont provide links to competitors. That one had a couple right at top of page, so I did remove it.

But I did read through it. A couple of things that I’d like you to consider… the author plugged earth juice a lot. That was my exclusive line of products and I feel it’s a good one. Earth juice has also lost its omri listing. Nothing they did wrong in my opinion, omri changed their standards and earth juice refused to change their process to comply. Earth juice is also kind of a pain in the rear to use. And as the article pointed out, there’s not really any cannabis specific support.

Something often missed, is that most of even the synthetic nute lines are built off of naturally occurring elements. They’re just synthesized into more usable form. When you look through all of names that come up with cannabis cultivation, they all use the same products, Just in different ratios and combinations. So don’t buy too much into one being a lot better than the others. In some way you’ll usually just pay more for greater control, better support, or some added benefit like that.

It’s my opinion that organics can be a little tricky and you may be better off working into that. But there’s also plenty of information out there to help you through growing with organics.


Woops sorry about that, thank you for removing it, don’t wanna squish any toes :smiley:

I did note he plugged Ej but the poster also notes that is their favored line of products so I just took their experience to be positive.

I have been finding a whole new realm as far as organics goes with not only feeding the plants the ratio they need and the microbiology within the soil. I have found the hard part here in aus is there is not really any product on the market to add phosphorus to the soil without adding a large amount of nitrogen(atleast for flowering). Unfortunately can not seem to find rock dust or anything of that nature, challenge accepted though I know it exists so some shop must sell it.

On the other side have an airpump on the way and some citrus peel and various berry compost along with some horse manure ready to be my first attempt at a tea, planning on using a piece of shade cloth as kinda a cheese cloth/open vessel to contain the large bits of matter.
I remember you saying overnight would do fine but have seen people say a couple days or even hours, does this depend upon the matter being brewed or personal preference?

Just a side note going in to this growing experience and the information be it atraight forward or mixed has made me pursue a diploma of horticulture, just pumping my love of flora evermore


Yes brew time will absolutely depend on what you’re brewing. Those couple of hours or overnight would be like taking stuff already from bottle, powder, or a compost prepared to do so. A lot of your household waste would need quite some time to be composted in order to get most out of them. Other items can break down pretty quickly being brewed.


Cheers mate, me thinks more research is still needed here


Nuva updeezy…lol

Please excuse the poor quality photos as always.
Way I look at that is a photographer has them skills and I can rebuild ya house or car kinda different skills…lol

Umm coupe pix of vegging girls, 2 unknown autos, 1 tangerine dream auto, 2 speedy chille mummas, 1 bagseed mumma, 7 speedy chille clones taken yesterday(allowed clones to soak in gt purple clonex for 10mins and planted).

Flower soil is 6.4ph, which is as close as possible to 6.2ph ideal(only reading, seems to make a difference)
Veg soil is 6.5ph but has some not quite mature horse poop so think that is the acidity going to add veryyy veryyyy small amount of dolomite and see where that leads.

I messed up with the autos so they are skinny, tiny things that don’t appear to have a good structure for flowering. Transplanted twice when I now see why they should be put in ttheir forever pots pretty much straight away. Will try germ in peat pods next time then forever pots. Lessons learnt maybe. Gonna stick with photos till I get the hang of things more.
Just as well I decided not to go all in…haha

Flowering girls been 12/12 since Dec 8 so on about day 39 of flower, been reducing the nutes heading to flush as there are a few cloudy trich appearing. Still got many white pistils and some clear trichs probably 25/75 cloudy/clear, has been slowly sapping/yellowing leaves till they drop off this is normal at 39 days flower? Not too early for this self cannabilisation?
assuming it is about 3 weeks from here?

Any guesses or suggestions as to what to look out for at this point?

Oh @dbrn32 is .31in/8mm aluminum plate thickness ok for this 12 strip build?

Here is some how you say? Bud porn? Haha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That is more than plenty big enough. Is it already cut to size?


Yeah, is already 300x280mm… realised after purchase may make hanging/mounting interesting but will figure something out when it’s in front of me


Plate and driver. And also a lol, no diy…haha