Long time reader first time grower


And another week down pretty much.
Have got an exhaust fan now so am plotting where the best place for it is, originally wanted to place the fan in top section of veg side and plumb through wall in flower room and shelf of veg room but am thinking this fan may not be up to snuff. I calculated the need for an air change a minute with filter and ducting but the fan slows right down as soon as I put even a foam/carbon filter over either side. Mayhap become an intake.

Any suggestions for exhaust fans that can move 130+ m3/h?? Minimal amount of noise is of the essence.

Have also got a humidifier as flower room gets to 32c regularly and I have read that vpd can counter that in a way by raising humidity to 75%
@blackthumbbetty you may be able to steer me correctly as it was your graphs and posts that helped me come to this conclusion, thank you for the knowledge.

Now the good stuff, have had 70mm growth in 13days on big girl, seems to be better with humidity raised, temps are crazy


Ac infinity cloudline t4 maybe.


I’m definitely no ventilation expert. Dbrn has a good recommendation, though.


Maad thank you
Seems that they are either highly sought after or new product? Have to wait till 14th to order from Ac website or Amazon etc.
Something that has me baffled but is on the manufacturers website they are only 99USD whereas ebay and amazon are over 300usd, why so?


eBay and Amazon are resellers making money on top of what they pay for them.


Makes sense now you say that. Fair mark up in price though.
Hopefully can get it for 100usd, the better half is getting cranky with my spending which is understandable as i wasn’t meant to really spend on this but to get good or great plants they need good or great environment which is $$$


I thought i would at this point post some things that I have found useful. I am not the original poster of these charts/images, they have been found on this forum by various people.

I also do not claim to understand the complete science of any of these images, I have come to beleive with experience and a wealth of knowledgeable people on this forum is pretty much the best way to learn.
And most important of all, patience.



I will note that the deficiencies are probably more of a worst case scenario guide as far as what they show, so if there are only minor signs of an issue it may be hard to diagnose for someone inexperienced or first timer.


@dbrn32 hey mate just curious as i have not been able to find any indepth info, if someone was to open their room during a night/dark cycle to say water or trim and that person happens to have the normal light on(ceiling/room light) would that be enough to mess with the plants and make them hermy?

I think no and have too many bowls so am now over thinking but really have no idea either…lol
Only info I can find says green head torch is ok or any light during dark/night will hermy them… “love” the internet sometimes…haha

The light is an Osram led 3000k 6w a19 style bulb with diffuser and with a lamp shade type thing(scientific name there =p ), roughly 3 meters ish away.


I think it would really depend on a lot of things. That’s not going to have a lot of intensity at any distance, but it can trigger plant response. I’d say if you had to get in there for a couple minutes once or twice it would probably be fine. But I wouldn’t do it regularly or for prolonged periods of time.


Maad, thanks mate
Oh and t4 should be here tomorrow arvo.
Managed to get from Ac, but $300aud fan delivered hopefully it does the trick


Yikes! I’m not sure what the price conversion is, but doesn’t sound cheap. Hopefully it works very well for you.


About $213usd… From the fre reviews of the t4 and t6 they seem to be pretty good. And well gotta spend it to make the girls happy which essentially saves them dollars in a long term kinda way


Have had the fan in about a week now, awesome fan and very very quite at lower speeds. Neat and easy to use control system and more then ample cord for power and thermo probe. Temps in flower room are staying around 80f(27c) which is a damn site better then 90f(30c)+. That is also being into the hotter summer days tomorrow is gonna be 100f(38c) outside so will test the limits of current equipment.

Have been watering with Coconut water and Molasses, I have personally seen good results in doing so, all experimental so far so good.
Also made a nice orange peel tea as a bloom booster which worked nicely, I read that orange peel npk is 0-3-27. Again personal experience has shown good results.

Got an order through of some autos which I dropped 6 with 5 surviving.
2 Tangerine Dream(1st one sprouted it’s first serrated leavs and gave up) 2 Caramel Cream and 2 unknown autos sent in a free 5 auto seed mix but no labels, with no idea but judging by pictures on grow logs I beleive one MIGHT have Skunk genetics
It is to the right of the photos in light green pot. My theory comes from the shape of the first leaves, I put a picture of one of the leaves to show ya, not quite as evident with age but very much so while small seedlings

Is sleepy time for flower girls atm but will get photos when we wake up.

So for now stay green and dream, peace


And here are some pics of Lemony Snicket and Lynda Lèmonè, they both have a very very citrus smell when “ruffled”. So far am content with unknown bagseed plants, been a good learning experience.

They were flipped on the 8th of December(roughly may be a day either way)

And heres the flix


Not really an update just feel like having a friendly rant so yeah.

I am learning a lot day by day the plants change and adapt to the slight changes in environment like temp or humidity, even the different nutes given to the girls shows a difference within days. It is a very reactive plant.
I am also witnessing the difference in growth between indoor and outdoor as I gave away 3 sprouts and one of the speedy chile. Mine are 3 times larger in the same time frame, kinda cool.

I have also fallen in buve with this forum sooooo much information and different ideas and experiences and everyone is quite friendly I have not seen any genuine flaming, quite the opposite I see people making friends qnd connections with each other which is what not only the mj world needs but the whole world.

As for the current flowering plants, I am not concerned about quantity but quality and am treating them as a brilliant learning experience, it has helped give a reasonable idea as to how the cab is going to work with heat and space also given me more of an understanding of how and why things need to be premium for the plants.

If anyone has trudged to this point, you’re awesome! =D

The best thing I can reccomend for a newbie is planning is key. Research for atleast a month reading grow logs, about different nutes, which method of growing will suit you, definitely spend a good amount of time researching lights a nd ventilation, keep an open mind towards new and old ideas, absorb and respect the knowledge people hand on most have alot of personal experience. Aaaand patience, do not make impulse decisions, smoke or sleep on it and ask questions/check others logs and experiences before acting, if the problem or idea has been there for a day another day will not hurt.

Anyway peace and stay mellow


Heya @dbrn32 I am building a veg light and would really like to run a few questions by you first.
I have decided 12 eb strips ran at 350ma would be the way to go for coverage and temperate reduction, running at lower current means less heat which transfers to more efficency or packing them in so tight makes the temperature difference null?
Or would i be better off there abouts copying your eb build and doing 10 x strips and run the Meanwell LPC-100-500 instead?
Are the eb dimmable?
Also would I use the thermal tape and alloy sheet ok as cooling and mounting like my previous build or do these guys need a bit more?


Yes that’s correct. You need a 350ma driver to run at 350ma, the lpc-100-500 is obviously a 500ma driver. Aluminum plate and the thermal transfer tape would be the way I would do it too.

To dim the strips you would need a dimmable driver.


Would it be better to run 10@500ma=110w or 12@350ma=94w?

Not watts I am looking at as both setups would work for my needs, I am looking at temperature control and longevity of the light


12 at 350ma would be technically a better light. Although you would have to check driver fitment for exact model.


By match fitment do you mean the watts and current have to be 94watts and 350ma or can i use a 100watt driver?