Long time reader first time grower


Little gals look like they may have been exposed to hot medium or fed to much.


I think those little ones are ready for a transplant.


They are in mushy mulch and perlite. I think it may have been heat, opened my room yesterday and temp gauge said it was 50 celcius.
Only running 2 small pc fans as exhaust and 2.5w usb fan over lights facing upwards and bouncing off door to create flow to exhaust.
Need intake, maybe ventilation in top shelf i think it acts as an insulation pocket as I have ballast and power boards up there with only 50mm hole covered by flyscreen as air flow.

The struggle with ventilation is the cab is in my bedroom and missus is a light sleeper or I would just pipe/duct a nice 6 inch fan.

@raustin they have only just ròoted and started growth since monday this is not too early still?(just maad worried as it’s been a rocking start for my loved ones)
And this would be the point they go into veg pot or do I stagger? Ie. Pot size between tubestock and vegative?


No, sorry, I meant the medium sized pots. I didn’t realize they were clones, so they’re probably just fine. My mistake.


50c is definitely hot.


So time to transplant the one in square terracotta coloured pot?
I am down with that my only concern is space within the cab, flower room is almost double that of veg. I don’t want her to run outta space but, other hand is capacity of yield… hmmm… Do you have any insight as to what i might expect from a pot size up?
It is bagseed so no idea strain but by what I have seen on growlogs and seedbanks it seems to be a hybrid and by the leaves I am guessing about 60/40 sativa/indica, once again pure guess work and no real world idea.


Yah is cooking, one of the fingers of the largest fan leaf actually went crispy. Hence the need for led to reduce heat amoung other advantages.
That is the biggest worry I am having after lights are sorted, it gets upto 45c outdoors here in summer and the hot room(50c) day was only 28c outside.


That will be a problem even with leds without good airflow and possibly ac.


Well if you want to save space you could put them in 3 gallon pots, but 5 gallon would be preferred. You’ve got a lot of plants in there.


That is not what I wanted to hear…lol
Still gotta setup flower ventilation and intakr in veg so hopefully that will help.
Am thinking of setting up a carbon filter made out of flyscreen and timber sucking air through to top space where electrical stuff is and also keeping exhaust on flower and veg room, run all 3 through some pvc with another ghetto carbon scrubber at the end of that pvc pipe


I have way higher hopes then reasonable possibility…lol

I started with 6 seeds that I killed off to one through rookie error. I still do not know gender of seed(largest plant) which had me thinking a much longer process and maybe not even having a female, Then along came a mate and gave me them clones, my plan then changed to veg 2 clones for small amount of time while keeping 1 as a mummy.

Just measuring heights etc for pots 5 gal seem too tall as i only have 47 inches height in flower room, without lights.
I am also lead to beleive that width more then height encourages broader growth then taller?


I see, that’s going to be hard to find something to transplant into. I’ve seen some short wide pots around, you’re just going to have to look around to find them.


Well today I did some lst and had a real good look at the bagseed plant and it’s a girl!!

Ph still reading 6.4, not sure if it is just the cheap ph probe checked a few pots and random spots out in my yard yesterday and it seems to favor 6.4 for the most part except for the pure coco pots and pot where I just tilled chook poop through for a new lemon/lime(grafted i think) tree showing 5.5

So yup still waiting on thermal tape and pcb to arrive, leds should have been here couple days ago. Have got aluminum plate, could only find 3mm/0.12inch thickness in the diamentions i wanted.
So @dbrn32 i was wondering if drilling holes through out the plate be better for heatsink or running cut off wheel on rear to make small channels?
I was also thinking about adding some small pc fans to plate? Thinking this as you said 1/4 inch would be better and wanna get the best i can out of this project


Not sure I would do much for holes in plate, you loose surface area that way. The pc fans would help if you think you’ll need them.


The SolSkin 112 led boards arrived today from cutter, beautiful looking things they are too.

So i set to work this arvo, took me about 2 solid hours to build with a grab of the solder iron and a burnt thumb later we got there in the end.
Not the best looking job but I feel confident in my work for a first time soldering.
Total build cost was about $250 for materials coming in at about $1.70 per watt.

And a massive thank you to the man @dbrn32 for all the stupid questions answered and time to pass the information on. Very much appreciated mate, thank you!

It’s lights out atm but will get some photos later, not much happening did a little lst “pinning” the lower limbs down to encourage outward growth.


Awesome! Look forward to seeing those pics when you get time.


So I’ll just leave this here
There is a shot of lights at max and also at minimum and the ghetto basic hanger system, fencing wire, cup hooks and threaded fisheyes with washer and nut.
I have made it so i can hang the board off the hooks in roof and tighten nuts for that little more height when needed. I will note driver is in room atm, had some news of my first bubs on the way so will be relocating cab after this crop so driver etc will be moved to permanent fixture then, going to put screw connection on light(output) side so the wires can be removed and ran anywhere needed with ease.


Looks really nice, good work!


Thank you, they are really loving it. Decided to put them under last night(firgured better light source) about an hour before their bedtime and today when they woke up they were all facing up toward the light.

Going to supplement with 120w 5500k cfl for now until they are ready for flower. Well big one is ready but not quite large enough to justify the flip.

And note that the led light is HEAPS easier on the eyes


So the leds are doing awesome, actually getting some growth and temps are staying 24-26c.
Got a basic white box reflector for cfl.
Doing fan, filter and duct work next week, will post more pics then.

Have also discovered that my medium is soil so ph issue is not so bad, however soil ph still 7. Have not watered large plant this week as it got very sad last watering and had waited 7 days then too and it is not wilting yet. Have been giving foliar spray daily.

Also rummaged about and hmmm found some Speedy Chile seeds by RQS. Got 3 of 6 in and popped within 24hrs, veryyyy stretchy though have had to plant deeper to chase 30mm stems.