Long time reader first time grower


Would coffee grounds help as they are acidic and would hang around more then water/nute solution and i am led to beleive that decomposing organics will drop ph?


Generally I wouldn’t recommend coffee grounds, but you’re right, it will drop the ph. I would add it sparingly and see how it does. You can always add more later.


Are they too hot or something?


If you add to much, then yes. That’s why I said sparingly and see how the plant does with it.


Ok, thank you
Do you have any natural suggestions or rinse lather repeat your previous advise of diligence?


I think diligence is the best course here. I know it’s a it’s a pain, but most of us have to deal with this very issue all the time.


Thank you. I appreciate your help and patience
Feel like I keep asking dumb questions after all the theory read, the practice is different learning experience.


There are no dumb questions. I’m more than happy to help.


@dbrn32 the driver arrived today, a week early so a win there. Been looking at pots and I saw somewhere that you suggested 100k pots, can’t find post think it’s somewhere in diy light thread.

1st question what is the difference between double and single?
2nd what wattage rating, they seem to have a fair range from .5w to 10w?


Do you mean single or multi turn, or single or dual gang?

I don’t think watt rating will matter, you’re not loading the circuit. But you need a pot that reads at least 100k to get full power out of driver. May be worth ordering a 10k resistor to put on it too just in case. A lot of the cheap pots have high tolerance and will be short of 100k.


Single gang
Would i add the resistor into wiring between the driver and pot?
Do you have a reccomended brand?
I imagine it better to buy a good product then trying to make a bad one better


I don’t have one to recommend. Have had issues with cheap ones and more expensive ones as well, also have cheap ones that work fine. This should help.


While we are on the subject the ones I got from rapid led won’t dim to 0 and are at full strength around 90% is there any way to fix that? Kind of annoyed but couldn’t wait to find different ones until after this grow.


What driver are you using?


Hlg-185h-c1050b with rapid pots it only dims to around 10%


I typed that, and then asked myself why you would want to dim it all the way off? Hlg-185 isn’t rated dim to zero, so it doesn’t matter what you dim it with it shouldn’t ever go completely off.

The issue with being 100% is probably because when the pot is all the way up it reads over 100k. They do that on purpose, so you don’t have the alternative as in not being able to get to 100%.


Ah that makes sense. I just wanted to turn two of the three to 0 for pictures but my plug is hard to reach lol. They’re so bright even at 10% I can’t see my phone screen lol.


Copy that. Wonder if you couldn’t eventually install a switch on the circuit they’re plugged into. Could be other issues with that though.


Yeah I’ll just end up adding an extra wall socket eventually and place it in a more accessible area.


So last night I tried to FIM the big baby, think I fimd the fim. Gunna flip the seed as soon as i get lights setup as i have the clones now to veg a bit. I am pretty sure 3 of 3 rooted in soil with multicrop plant starter @1ml per 1 litre applied as foliar spray, humidity dome removed at day 10 and new growth appearing day 13-14.

After a hard start we are now about day 44 of the entire project.
Taken some photos with the front facing camera on phone, they came out much better then rear camera.
The plant in small square pot is a scuscutellaria lateriflora i am having a go at.