Long time reader first time grower


Driver I suggested is dimmable. In my opinion you’ll have a better light than the hlg-100 kit.

I’ve built a similar light on 24”x16”x1/8” aluminum plate. If you can find 1/4” thick will do better. If not, see if you can find some 24” heatsink extrusion. Either will work.


Yeah the 3k 90cri is for flower and so damn excited, you the man @dbrn32 !!!

What could i make led wise for my veg room then? Oppose to hlg100, the cutter boards in the 5k range are only 80 cri and i only have 400mmX400mm
Though I do recall you mentioned the higher cri rating is not always best, can you please explain why?


The actual cri means nothing by itself. It’s just happens that those leds produce more light in the 630-660nm range. That’s not really important in a veg light.


Hey do you know much about the SolSkin boards?
Cutter has one that would fit my veg room, says i can get 3 channels with customizable 2.7-7k on ch 1 & 2 and which ratio of royal blue or 660nm red on ch 3. I am thinking this might be a good choice, it uses the 3030j also so kinda keeping same tech


Ya, that’s really more than you need to veg with though. All of the midpower options are pretty much same tech. Some a little better than others for sure, but anything in 4000k should do plenty good for you.


So a hlg65 would work better, efficiency, heat and practicality wise?
I have seen heaps of positive journals with the qbs and can get a 65 for same price or maybe touch cheaper then solskin… got the gas now(Gear Aquisition Syndrome).
I just want your op as i see you everywhere I go looking at lights, led in particular


I do spend a lot of time working with leds lol. The solskin is board only for that price right? As opposed to hlg-65 comes with driver, hanger, and is ready to go?


Absolutely correct, the driver for solskin would set me back another $90 and that is without wire, frame etc.

I am loving the led tech. An owl i know downtown has been talking to me about led so got all excited and went and brought a holland hydroponics 1.5x.1.5x1.8m tent kit with led and nutes etc.
They claim the 5050 smd blue red panels can grow a plant but his babies are doing nothing.
They are only 13.8w(true) Growlush panels, have you heard about these?
I am thinking from the last month properly learning that these must be rubbish and he should just do similar to me?


At 14 watts a panel it doesn’t really matter how good they are, gonna need a shitload of them. If you go with a tent that big would justify some of those sol skins, you’ll be dropping a pretty penny to light that well no matter what you use.


Wouldn’t you need two drivers to run the separate channels on those sol skins and strips? They’re really neat but you could do the same thing and probably for cheaper by doing it in other strips or even cobs I would think? But that’s just my 2 cents.


Haha seems like a him problem, I think he is going for cheap hid kit, reckons leds are crap and wants to see how i go with mine.
We’re doing same bagseeds so tent vs cab and hid vs led will be side by side tested as we both feed the same and have very similar temps(atm without his hps/mh)…


I imagine so but i am kinda restricted for height and cobs with heatsinks take a bit of room as far as my height goes buuuut, i am green to all this so just random reading and theorizing no experience behind it.
And yes you need 2 drivers


How well does the average thermal paste spread?
It will be about 0.5m/sq of coverage needed
Pretty sure i need to use that between pcb and aluminum but unsure how much i will need, not keen on needing extras halfway through a project like that.


If you’re using strips you can use thermal tape. But wait for @dbrn32 he knows all the different types and can suggest the best option.


Yup, 15mm wide two sided thermal transfer tape is what I would use. It covers the heat transfer and mounting all in one.

Like this



If you want multi channel control you would. Otherwise I think at reasonable current you can wire all 3 channels in series from the same driver too. I’d have to look closer at specs to be sure.


Maad that makes things alot easier, thank you @dbrn32 and @DoobieNoobie

On a not light related question, my medium ph keeps returning to 6.8-7. It is 1/3 Coco 1/3 perlite and 1/3 mix of dynamic lifter, blood and bone, mushy compost and chicken poop. Have flushed with phed water and ph of nute mix is 5.8(ish) with a tds of 820ppm. What am I doing wrong/missing?


I know nothing about that kind of stuff. Might ask @raustin she can probably offer input or point you in the right direction at least.


My guess is dynamic lifter or something in there is amended with lime. Lime is ph neutral and will buffer.


As previously said, your mixture has no buffering, so it will be very difficult to maintain any Ph. I don’t recommend adding lime because that could raise the Ph. You just have to be diligent and over correct for Ph, eventually it will settle where you want it to.