Long time looker first time grower

Hello everyone. I am a long time looker first time grower. I am in need of some personalized advice because I am lost in the weeds, no pun intended, with all the different information. My plan. 2-4 plants for personal use and a little sharing. Growing in soil. I have purchased the white widow auto flower seeds and the nutrients to go with it. I am limited on height for where I can grow it. I will be using a 48” tall grow tent due to the height limitations so I was thinking CFL’s for lighting. I am keeping it stealth since I live in the suburbs of the Bible Belt so I will have a fan and carbon filter. My budget is around $400 for lights, fan and tent. I am having a hard time finding from tents that are only 48” tall. I know I will have to scrog with that height limitation. I really could some helpful advice on what to get, how to set it up etc… thank you in advance for your help.

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Hello, What kind of footprint you working with? The only 48" tall tents I see are 2x2, pretty small. If you have the space, you could turn a 4x2x6 or 4x4x7 tent on it’s side. Light advice - if it’s blurple, don’t buy. Scrog will be a good way to keep height down, and stay away from sativa dominant strains.


I didn’t think of turning one on it’s side. That’s a good idea. I am looking at the Mar’s TS1000 or the HLG 135 kit. Do you think either of these would do the job? Any recommendations on a exhaust and filter setup or are they all pretty much the same? Thanks for the help.

I’d go with the HLG kit, better quality parts, can always add another down the line if needed. For a small tent, you could go with a 4" fan and 4" carbon filter. Go with an adjustable speed one, so you can use the flow to dial in the temperature. I like AC Infinity fans, something like this:

And a carbon filter like this

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Thank you for the links and advice. Do I just use a standard 4” dryer vent to connect to these and run them out? I am trying to take in as much knowledge as I can. There is a lot to read and a lot to retain. Lol

Yeah just get some 4" ducting to suck the heat out of the tent and draw in fresh air, best to remove the heat from the room if possible but may not need to depending on the temp of the room the tent is in, I run my ducting to the attic or a close window but I run big hot lights.

Excellent. Any recommendations on ph meter hygrometer, temp and timer?

Here is the ph meter I use, cheap and works great

Nice to have a TDS meter as well

Hygrometer I use

And might as well go digital on the timer as they are more accurate and less prone to breakage over the older mechanical style and don’t really cost much more

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