Long time gardener + outdoor experience, new to indoor. Looking for any advice


I was feeding at 6.0. Flushed on Friday with 6.5, just flushed again today about 10 gal each plant with 6.0, but still only got them to 7.0 at end of flush. I just fed a regular dose of bloom nutes to 6.0. thanks for info on emergency flush. I will check again next weekend, and if holding at 7.0 I will just water with 6.0, would rather not do another flush.


Using well water that I treat down. I don’t have my PPM meter yet, so not sure mineral level, but that may also be a bit high. I do run through water softener. I have stream behind house, I will check PPM levels of stream water when I get meter. Thanks for help.


Oh, yeah, I wee I made a typo above refering to bloom nutes at 7.0. Good catch


Depending on how your water softener works (what method it relies on), your softener could be causing issues, as well.


I use solar salt. I realize that the salts may be an issue. We used to have awesome well water, unfortunately had to replace well about 15 yrs ago when I had to build a new septic system, couldn’t get the engineer to budge on location, and was a couple feet too close to existing well. Have had sediment issues and hard water ever since.


Runoff is still close to 7.0, and nute runoff was around 340 ppm, but overall things aren’t looking too bad. Into week four of flower, and starting to sugar up nicely.


Another two weeks or so. Hope they fill out a little, but what’s there is dense. PH finally down to 6.8-6.9. PPM around 710. Definitely a little burn going on in some of the smaller sugar leaves, but not much to do about that now. found a couple live worms in water runoff after today’s watering. I wasn’t expecting there to be any live ones anymore from the compost I added when mixing this soil in August.


Lookn good!!