Long term storage includes Bovida 62 in mason jar

After curing, can the Bovida 62 packs be used again for the next crop harvest? My used Bovida’s contents feel lumpy. Are they still of use?
When storing bud’s in mason jar after curing, should a Bovida pack be placed in storage jar?

I keep my bovedas in there for all storage. If they still feel liquidy in the pack when I’ve consumed a jar, I will reuse. Good question.

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When packs need to be replaced, the inside turns into a hard wafer. At least thats what the manf website says and can’t be reused.

I now use them in my 30 day cured harvest. I waited 30 days to make sure the burping process was complete. The more you open container, the more the pack dries out. I don’t intend to open my jars but maybe once a month, if at all.

I did order a different brand name that was cheaper and had 4 more packs. They have a spot on them that changes color when it needs to be changed, I’ll let you know what I think of them.

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I am interested as well…

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Also intrigued…

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There are YouTube videos showing how to “recharge” the packs when they’re depleted.


The only problem with recharging is you never reach the perfect humidity level again.

These are the other packs I ordered-

These are 62% 8 gram Integra packs, 11.95 for 12 w/Prime shipping. They feel, smell and react like Boveda packs. I like that these are individually packaged vs zip-loc bag from Boveda. These also came with indicators to indicate when it’s time to change them out.

My boveda came in individuals

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