Long stems and looking very thin

hello all I’m so new at this tht I’m still wearing depends.
ok so I have strawberry kush and did the towel thingy and you can see the tails are coming out, but I notice that it’s very long and really no leaf on top.
I think I have my lite to high up any suggestion i really want these 5 plants looking beautiful.

Im no pro but they DO need light!! That one that has fallen over needs to be proped up right the stems are not strong enough. What lighting are you using? I would say to lower the lights to just above plant but remembering if its too hot for your hand then its too hot for the plant.
Goodluck with your grow, you are in the right place for guidance :slight_smile:

Im sure expert help will be along shortly :+1:

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The light is not strong enough or is too far away. They have stretched for light and likely will have difficulty surviving like this. If they were my plants, I would immediately repot them and plant them deep. You can bury the stems and I would leave only a couple of inches sticking out of the pot (meaning you’re going to need a fairly deep pot/container. @cryptomike


Yup, I had same issue. You have to replant and bury her up to the leaves. My survived but you need to get them transplanted ASAP.


right now I’m just using a 45 watt bulb, my lites are coming in this week.
hopefully there still alive by then.

I would go to Walmart today and buy 4 of the 23 watt CFLs. Put them a foot over the plants. That will do for seedlings until your lights come in.

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Or 4 14w 6500k LED replacements with the globes removed, them things are great for the first two weeks, 1 per plant, get the height right, around 8-10 inches, you can have a squat wide little beastie that’s twice as wide as she is tall.


@cryptomike you need bright light if you want seedlings to do well. I do diy stuff, but you can buy a 6 socket fixture on Amazon and as @anon35207245 suggested you can get 14-17 watt (100watt equivalent) replacement LED light bulbs and cut the globe off .I found an old kitchen ventAHood and packed it with bulbs for my seedlings. I like the fan in it to move air
around myself. It helps them develope strong stems.

A setup like mine works good for the first 3-4 weeks


Just sit them outdoors until your light comes. 1st day in a somewhat shady spot.

well my lites came in with the tent, rite away I went to walmart to get fans, thermometer, I have a large fan inside for better air flow. what you think.

when should I start giving my babies food to grow.

No food until a few weeks after transplant, should be enough feeding in the dirt, if it’s not coco, you have thete until transplant and then, if you’re going into the same compost, etc, there will also be food in that after transplanting.

And I hope you have more lights because that one will struggle to cover 5 plants in my opinion.

PS. CAREFULLY dig the stretched seedlings out and replant then so there’s 2" above ground, otherwise they’re as good as dead now.

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I would put up some light reflector side panels. You are lighting a huge area and most of the light is not going to the plants. Just some flat white painted cardboard sheets would do fine. They should bounce all the light back onto the plants.

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yeah I’m working on getting another 600 next week, hopefully it will help.

here today how they look after I re-burried my babies.

I don’t give them lots of water like I did in the beginning,
now they get this food I make them and they seem to love it.

Hi im a newbie wi a 1.2x1.2x2 grow tent.using a 600w led light 30 inches away from plant.its day 5 and looks like this is she okay.white widow seed

Sorry 30 cm