Long moisture meter- suggestions

I need a 12" long moisture meter, does anyone recommend one? If so, can you point me in the right direction.

This is the only one I found on Amazon, and unsure about it.

Thanks in advance.

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If your able to, let the pots dry out fairly good like 2 to 3 days between watering, lift the pot and then fill it with your feeding solution and lift again after 5 mins or so and that will give you a gauge on when to water you can also use your index finger directly into soil and if it’s fairly dry not too moist down til your second knuckle you can water. I usually water once every 5 days or so in veg and 2 to 3 day in flower obviously depending on pot size etc! You can get a meter still if you’d like but definitely not needed.

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You know I hate those meters in fact I got refunded for all 3 I bought. I think I’m at the point I know when they need water so it really isn’t needed anyway. And I use different pot sizes still no issues.


Yes, lift the pot method is best, until you go SCROG and can’t move/lift the plants any more, and the sticking your finger in the dirt is not telling you much when you’re using big pots like 7 gals or larger.

@Zee, don’t really see the need for such a long (and expensive) moisture meter, specially when using fabric pots, as the wettest part of the soil is going be in the middle section of the soil, not the bottom, so I think a standard size moisture meter would be fine.

This is what I have/use, cheap and works perfectly for me.


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That’s my hurdle, can’t really pick them up. I have a very similar meter. Same rod length.

Never thought about the middle, being the moist. So I can basically put the meter towards the middle of the soil, get my readings that way?

Big help! Thank you


Yes, middle is going to be the most moist area so just aim to get your probe to the middle level and also midway from the plant stem to side of the pot, test 4 places, like north, south, east, and west of the stem and if any area is still “moist”, then no water today.