Long light to shorter light, moving photo periods outside

Hello, My question …

I intend to start my NL photo periods in the last week of March. I plan to use an 18/6 light schedule in my grow area. When I put them outside in mid May there will only be 14 hours of sun light. Will this be a problem? Please explain.


You’ll need to sync your light schedule with the outdoor light schedule. Since there will be 14 hours of light when you move them you should be doing 14/10 inside by the time your ready to move them outdoors. If you start them at more than 14 hours of light it’s recommended to decrease it by 15 minutes a week until your light is in sync with sunlight hours. You may be able to do it more quickly but that’s your decision.

Going straight from 18/6 to 14 hours of sun outdoor will trigger flowering. Then the days will start to get longer and the plants will try to switch back to veg. It’s called vegetative regeneration. It’s very stressful for plants and will hurt yield and quality in the end. If you moved them outdoors late June from 18/6 it’d be fine.

I hope this makes sense. Main point is make sure they’re getting the same hours of light indoors that they’ll be getting outdoors before the move.


Google search ‘how to move your indoor cannabis plants outdoors’. There’s an article on the royal queen seeds website by that name that’ll tell you how to make the move better than I can. Read through that and you’ll be set.


It makes perfect sense, nice easy to understand answer.

Thank you


Don’t forget, though, when you start shortening the hours, it starts priming them up for flower. The plants will recognize the shorter hours and can really take off in that time. You will probably start seeing pistils at the nodes a little early, but not going fully into flower until the day/night hours are closer tocthe same.

I shoulda read a little more of the replies, @outlaw got it. Lol