Long Flowers on autos

I’m pretty new to growing in a closet, can grow two feminized and one auto in a big grow, but my daughter and a couple friends are growing. We are having a problem with a few different strains and the buds grow long and thin like flowers on a chain making fluffy fast drying stuff. The thc is okay because the tricomes and hairs are there. Have tried 5 different autos, got good forming colas fairly dense from 2, got hairy really airy buds from 1, and these long chain buds that drys and it’s like a baggie of ground up loose flowers. Doses anybody know what the auto gene Ruderalis has? Flowers or colas or ???

What kind and how powerful of lighting? Some strains can be airy but a lot of times insufficient lighting or lights too far from the canopy can cause stretch and airy buds.

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Two of us are using mars hydro 300w led × 2 for a 2 1/2 × 5 ft usually one 300 per plant. My friend has 450w all full spectrum

Get solid bud from feminized and good bud from pineapple express auto

It may be strain related then. If it’s heavy in ruderalis genes they look really foxtaily and spit out a ton of rounded leaves instead of typical serrated leaves. I’m growing my first auto but she’s taking on the characteristics of a normal cannibus plant.

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Yes foxtail is a good term, from other seller I had bad flowers from blueberry 420, and carmalious. Got loose buds from limoncello haze, got colas nice harvest from lambs breath, and 3 different buds all good harvest from pineapple express. I grew regular feminized like white widow, big bud, LA blanca, bannah kush. All different sativa and indica get nice bud. So I tend to think it is Rudials gene. But all the different the hella leafy and loose flowers it all smokes okay and some better than others. Just doses not store very well because they dry out too much, and becomes harsh.

Seems hit or miss on autos. Like I said before, I’m on my first auto. It’s a blueberry from here (ILGM). She’s a little different than photoperiods I’m used to because she’s turning into one large cola instead of multiple colas. Could also be because this is the first plant that I didn’t top, fim or any training really.


Have any pictures?

Get this!!! I gave a carmalious auto seed to a friend who grew it outside. It sprouted two seedlings from one seed!!! Twins and like yours one grew one long leafy stem, got like 1/2 oz from that twin, the second was a small plants but was small but get some leafy flowers.

long loose flowers of a lambs breath from ILGM

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She has a lot of potential to thicken up. My blueberry started out like that. How far are the lights?

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I think it is a combination of poor lighting and nutrients try adding light for the sides of the plant and use Fox Farm dirt and tiger bloom … These are Wite Widow Auto

@dldesedare They definitely are wanting more light looks like they are some stretchers but yeah you need more light for sure with these autos and Genetics is key if you don’t have strong genetics you’re going to have stuff like this happen also I’m not saying that what you have or not strong genetics but all of my dealings with the hundred plus autos I have grown they love light


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I’ll post a few pictures buds from regular feminized plants I grew and a few autos using same wattage led lights, using same flower power fertilizer and fox farms 3 liquid fertilizer. And one was grown outdoors.

Those are all 4 different autos, the last almost looks like little red hair bud, puff balls dry out bad. But got good bud from another autoflowering strain, so I know it’s gotta be something. I’ll send pictures of buds from regular plants same lights and food.

Nice dense buds and 2 ounces per plant