Lollipoping in flower


Can u lollipop in 2nd week of flower my plants are realy bushy and not getting much light to the middle and bottom and heard it would help with bigger flowers anyone no anything about this iv never done it and dont want to mess them up thanks


IMHO - Short answer? Don’t prune healthy leaves. The pro’s can chime in with better info.


I do it all the time. Not gonna know what is and what isn’t getting light until around that time.


My last plant had vigorous growth and I trimmed it several times in early flower. Developed a lot of buds that I would not have had otherwise. :us::man_farmer:


Thanks im going to go a head and try it


There are a bunch of people who do complete leaf strips of their plants at around the beginning of flower or the 2 week mark, and see amazing results


Before and after images


I just gave one of my ladies a lazy haircut :laughing: just entered 3rd week of flower.


Is it best to leave some of them on im going to go a head and try


You can leave some, Its best to remove the bottom 1/3 of the plant, that isn’t receiving any light. remove any little or smaller bud nodes, that wont really develop into anything


Less is more when your learning. Play around with it have some fun and enjoy !


Thank u im going to give it a shot


Thanks iv head lot of people do it just want to see what other people do before i tryed so just the bottom 1/3 and anything small and not grow strong im giveing it a shot tomarow


Hi. I do extreme defoliation in day 21, and by the end no one would know the difference. Lots of methods including day 1 strip and again at day 15 or 21 and right before harvest. I went Down that rabbit hole of information. I love it at day 21 personally because it drops my humidity, increases airflow, and it’s my last chance to get rid of duff or potential larf before netting. Been doing it for about 4 runs now. But I would be cautious if new strain or just beginning. Best to experiment with a portion and find what works for you in your environment. That way you have something to put in the jar, and next time you know what to expect. Good luck and happy growing.


Great example - thanks for posting!

I am a week into flower on this one:

This was her last week when I installed the screen:

And I do plan on defoliating her significantly at the conclusion of week 3 of flower.

Any bud or leaf that I see under the screen I pluck off when I see it - week 1 or week 8 of flower.


The way I look at it is this: if growing outdoors, don’t defoliate. Why, because the sun doesn’t stay in one place. You place your plant in the right place and/or rotate it a bit, every leaf gets sun. If indoors, defoliate. Why, because light always stays in one position. No need for the plant to divert energy to leaves that won’t help produce buds. Just my opinion.


I agree - and the other thing to consider is that the sun’s intensity is the same regardless of whether it’s hitting your head or your toes.

Our grow lights not so much.


Remember if u are cutting branches in flower they are monster clones. If u pop them into soil with some root hormone you will be very happy with the plants that come from them. I took cuttings in week 6 of flower 8 weeks after flip and revegged them. They maintain their maturity and the yield is significantly higher. They take a long time to get roots and revert back but it’s worth it.

Good luck with whatever u choose. In the end it’s all weed to smoke.


I gave it a shot so ill let every one no how they turn out thanks to everyone


Regarding second picture -You keep them in CAGES??? LOL