Lollipoping before stretch!


Anyone out there that can give me there opinion on if Iv Lollipoped to much or just right. Have photos let me know please.



@Mudcrab01, @Sirsmokes, @Covertgrower @Stomper @Johnzy81


@Hogmaster do you know any experts in this field that could depart with knowledge ??


@Jam I defoliate throughout a grow. Especially now in SCROG, that said I only remove leaves covering bud sites or where the exists a mould risk. So humid up here moisture builds up fast on any touching. So I have to keep the canopy quite open along the way. I do trim the under canopy and will need to do that tomorrow.

In answer to your question I think it appears a little heavy but I wouod’t fret they will be fine. The key is you know your plants better than anyone, you know what your humidity is like in the surrounds you have provided.


Looks good to me @Jam that is a lollipop :wink: everyone does it a little different but they look great


I try to remove everything under the net once they are not getting light to them. Looks good.


Looks good, just remove anything that’s below the net. It allows air flow. @jam


Thanks for the back up guys was told to go no pity !! Lol be brutal it said !! Always good to hear from other Ppl !!! @Mudcrab01 @Covertgrower @Hogmaster @Stomper @Sirsmokes


And that’s gg4 that is a little light but it’s still to stretch @Mudcrab01 @Covertgrower @Hogmaster @Stomper


Looks great to me
I am a big fan of lolied branches
It takes off the smaller growth that doesn’t amount to much and sends that energy up to the colas
Like waht you have done here gonna be a great harvest


It also improves airflow throughout and under the canopy to improve growth and prevents rot and other moisture related issues


Thanks @Growit nice to hear thank you. It’s just first time monster cropping and lollipoping !! So sometimes just a little unsure, so thanks regards @jam


@Mudcrab01 @Covertgrower @Hogmaster @Growit @Stomper @Sirsmokes @Johnzy81 more pics at a few days off 3 weeks


Looking good @Jam
Keep up the good work
Well done on the training and grooming


You’ve got it all going right there mate if you have any questions then please feel free to ask.