Lollipop-Pruning or Defoliating White Widow Auto just began flowering

Seedsman: White Widow Auto Flowering
Medium: Soil - Happy Frog + 30% Perlite
Lighting: 16/8

Age: 5 weeks on March 28, 2022

Hey y’all, it’s been a while…
@Nicky @MidwestGuy @HMGRWN @CalamityJane @RandyMarsh et. al - hoping you’re all well!

Here we go…
This here WW-AF caught me off guard and began flowering at 4 weeks after seedling-sprout on Feb. 20, 2022. So I’m looking for some direction as to reasonable defoliation and/or pruning-Lollipop-Schwazzing now that this little girl has begun to flower.
The attached shows fan leaves and possible areas I’ve considered.

How much is safe now that she’s flowering?


I have always suggested no more than 20% total foliage to be removed at one time.

Anybody practice trimming TOP POSITION fan leaves? for slowing growth and supporting lower buds, initially?

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Triple-D; Last week I removed the top two fan leaves from a FIM’d Jack Herer AF because they were almost as large as my hand and blocking veg below. I will need to compare the pics in timeline to understand if there was any growth affect.

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Thanks, HMGRWN. Glad you’re still around.

March 20 and March 24 pics.
The location of the Temp./RHO gauge didn’t change. Vertical growth didn’t seem to slow down, and the remaining top fans only got bigger!


Thanks for the word. Looking fwd for pictures.
May be FIMing a White widow clone, next week.

Ah, a White Widow clone… Auto flowering girl?
I was considering doing the same (see original pic), but needed to gain a reasonable harvest and haven’t Super-cropped before so quite apprehensive to over-stress her.

White Widow clone with 4 nodes showing female flower pairs/node purchased.
No knowledge or memory Auto Flower term at sale.
Strangely, they clone cups have PH 5.7 and my soils are measuring 6-6.5
They should marry well.

Darwinian planter- I am.
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I hope to someday smoke and talk with them.