Lollipop and Scrogging

I never done Lollipop and Scrogging before. I have done lst after I topped the plant 🪴 and have had good luck. With the Lollipop and Scrogging I hope to achieve bigger and better crop. I’m just not sure how to go about it. So I am asking for help tips and tricks on the Process to a successful grow. Any videos or tutorials would be greatly appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:. … I have been pulling 3-4 Oz of finished dry and trimmed flower. I know a lot factors in to the grow for yeld outcome. My lights are decent and feed nutrients as Scheduled use ph water.

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@jack181 YouTube as many tutorials as you may like :+1:, everything you may have questions on is probably written are explained 50X’s over , but if you have any detailed questions , I may know the person who can help ok.


start here
Oh No. We do not promote sending members to other websites.

Happy growing.

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@jack181 I’ll tag you in my grow journal. I’ve been running individual SCROGs this past season.


@latewood I thought only direct links were prohibited. I thought references for educational benefit directly related to a members question was ok. If ILGM had comparable material I would refer to it.

There is a bunch of scrog directions and tutorials on this site. Thanks for your reply.

Are you sating the site you referenced has no commercal ads or links? I clicked on it and the link sened questionable.

Follow @AfgVet and @Myfriendis410. They are both top notch scrog growers. Go follow and read through their journals.


No I am not saying it does not promote anything. But the publications information is worth reading. Also, I thought the policy is direct links are not allowed, meaning I could not copy paste the sites web address. I did think referencing it without giving a clickable link was ok to do. Not a big deal. Apparently a misunderstanding on my part.

Have you checked out the ILGM Blog for SCROG articles? Our policy has always limited promotion or links to a site that promotes sales, in order to keep trolls and such from soliciting our members and enticing them to another site.

You are posting reference material at another site, when it is wholly available here at ILGM.

Thanks for your motivation to help out. Can we move on? Happy growing.

If you type out any .com it’s a link. You can direct link to Amazon/YouTube (pockets). You can direct link to any informative/educational site that does not contain ads or links to any retail site. Competition or not. No eBay, no WalMart. You can say a sites name and (dot) com it. You can even screen shot your address bar and share that. But the couple times I did it was for information not found here. Like in depth detail on dark colors. I mean. it’s here now. I copied and pasted the whole article into someone’s thread.

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move on - absolutely.

Can u please tag me in to please? I’m gonna try some photo seeds in the fall after I make all my adjustments to my room and want to try some scrogging. Any info is gold. @AfgVet @yoshi

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@FullyMedicated click their names. Hit the bottom right in pop up. Should say +31 or something. Drop-down menu on left, change to summary. Scroll down to top topics. Those are topics the person has created. Self explanatory from there. (◠‿◕)

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Ok awesome thanks for this. Didn’t know that.

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Here’s mine if interested:

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@Myfriendis410 gotta love promix HP #4 the best water retention medium I’ve found thus far, but I’ve heard great things on the purple cow :cow2: and sohum which I’ll be trying once I finish my last two bricks of Sunshine Mix #4 with Michorhizi , it’s almost ph perfect for seedlings.