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I’m curious. So I’m out on medical leave at work. So I’m building a single plant 2x2x6 mini greenhouse out of wood and either glass or plexiglass. Could change it to maybe 2x3, I guess. But honestly I don’t care to grow a massive plant or multiple plants for sure. I’m really just building this to have something to do I haven’t done before. Enough to say I’m probably gonna put a nice stain on the wood :joy:. But I want it to be a nice project. My brother smokes like crazy, and well my mother suffers from chronic pain both skeletal and nerve. So she’s finally let me help her with the help of some thc. So I’ll probably put the plant to use like that. As a family personal supply as I see. I don’t care for the money and stuff. Just want to do it and feel good about it you know. And well, why not something like this. Lol, any suggestions on lights, I don’t really care for a fancy grid set up given I’m more than likely going to run this outdoors eventually on the second part which is a 12x8x8 greenhouse. Still only one cannabis plant. So it will remain in this. Just with a natural light cycle from our trusty ol sun.

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Honestly if u r gonna run photos. A green house will not work indoors unless u have total dark with no light interruptions. As for a light for that size the hlg 135rspec will be great. Goid light will give solid buds and make what u want for 1 plant the light will be amazing most likely. Id see about building a light proof box and vet good air exchange in the box and go from there. Line the inside of the boz with aluminum foil to reflect the light and ud have 1 hell of a plant box. What medium are u gonna use and what size pot. 5 gal fabric pot would be good size. And depending if u want soil or a coco grow or hydro. Coco is basically a hydro grow with a medium. Good luck and welcome. Tons of help here.

I edited your title. Please don’t be putting profanity into your content.

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I’m actually running Auto Only in case I’m released back to work. I know once I go back to work it’s gonna be interesting to see how much free time I get. As for pot and medium. 60/40 Pete and perlite in a octopot. Also I actually ordered some of the diamond reflective foil in case I did go that route. But like I said, I honestly wanna let the plant do it’s own thing to a certain extent. And more than likely I’m gonna end up leaving it outside. So it’ll be sunlight. I could experiment. Maybe go reflective north and south wall with frosted glass/plexi on east west and top…I do have a AC infinity vent setup to put into the build as well. The ventilation will definitely be taken care of. Even if I need to cool it off some I have a way to get cooler air in as well.

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My apologies, not gonna lie, got pretty excited to find this group of support. So I didn’t really think about it. Thanks for the assistance there though :blush::+1:t5: