Log time smoker- First time grow

This is my first attempt at growing, I put in 2 White Widows Autos and its gone really well. They are in big pots with good quality potting mix, All I do is water them every 3 days and I have them on a trolley, So I can move them to the best spot in the yard to get the sun. I am up to 6 weeks and I think they are just starting to flower. Pretty happy with my first grow…


Images got mixed up somehow.

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Looking good! Digin’ the pics

Yep, Was impatient and went ahead and planted a month and half out from winter. They have done really well as winter is very late where we live. But have a room setup in my shed they will live in at night an it will be 25c. They should survive winter as we get great sunny days. Will put some more in a the start of spring. Cant wait to try them. Should be a good smoke…

7 weeks in and they are looking good, Its a bit of a battle to keep them warm as It is coming into winter here, I built a tent and have it heated, So I hope that’s enough. Does anyone know how long a White widow auto flower flowers for or how long from seed to ready to pick. Middle of winter is about a month away and we normally get lows around 1c (34f)

I am not sure about auto but those look like they have a bit to go to me. Nice plants. I think most flowering is from 60 to 90 days in soil for normal strains.

This is them at 8 weeks, There is a bit of yellowing of the big fan leaves but I think that is normal. The heads are still green and growing well. I think I might have about 2 weeks to go… Have a microscope for my phone coming so I can check the trichomes. But really happy with them. Hope the neighbours don’t smell…

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My white widow autos have coped well with winter so far, It has been down to 2.3c (36.14) at night and the plants haven’t been affected. I built a small enclosure and covered it in bubble wrap and as my 2 plants are in big pots and on a trolley, I put them in the enclosure at night. And its handy to have them on a trolley as where they are located, I don’t always get sunlight in all areas all day. So I move the plants around for the best sunlight. Its normally down to minuses by this time of the year, But the weather has been very kind to me. I think I have about 2 weeks to go, But being winter. It might take a bit longer. The big fan leaves are dying off now and the heads are really starting to bulk up. My biggest problem is the smell as my plants are very close to the neighbours. I am going to try a automatic wall mounted air freshener to mask the smell a bit. Its been a great first grow and will surely be many more over the years to come… Have added some pics…


They look really good. What state are you in ?
Those are Autoflowers ??

Im located inland central QLD and yep, White Widow autos.

95 day since planted, I have attached some pics of the trichomes. Just wondering what people think about when the will be ready.

93 days in and starting to look like they are getting close to harvest time.


where is central QLD ???
and yes they look about ready, if not another week o two. I guess its really up to you.

Central QLD is as close as I will go. Like to keep location to my self… I cut one plant yesterday and will leave the other week or so…

It’s Queensland, Australia. The Northeastern section of Australia.

These are some pics of the trichomes of one of my plants, I think it still has a way to go…


Depends on what kind of high your after and dont forget about the flush are you in soil or hydroponics but that where or about where i startes my flush and she was fully ripe at the end of flush

Nice quality photos…lots of clear and cloudy trichomes.

I am wanting a sit on the couch high. But being my first grow. I’m still learning and am open to suggestions. I just mixed good quality potty mix with soil from my garden. Watered every 3 days and nothing more.

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