Lodyns - cheap stuff from China? not so much

Re Lodyns, just don’t do it.

I ordered in early September… text from them was very clear, "Clone King 36 Site Aeroponic Cloning Machine - 2 Pieces “. A padded envelope, about 4x7” arrived today. Clearly not two cloning machines.

Dispute to p a y p a l, resolved immediately in my favor. P a y p a l must know


Bummer! Glad it was resolved though.

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I opened the package of what they did send. It looks like an elementary-age girl’s tank top.

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LOL! My daughter ordered a pair of shoes and got a sponge!

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There was a guy that used to list welders for about 1/3rd the price of a well known brand. He would always have clothes like that for sale also, in his feedback. Ebay would make them take the auction down if it was reported, but I wasn’t really interested in playing Ebay police.

Ebay has been pretty good to me. They have helped me twice when a vendor didn’t send the product or respond. Sometimes you need to wait a few days for a refund.

I also like ■■■■■■. I have used it to buy out of state goods, paying the 3% to cover me in case the product didn’t arrive as described. They don’t cover friends/family gift sends, but you don’t pay the 3% either. :smiley:

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