Loction for help

I was trying to see if there are any cultures that live in the Houston Texas area

I do not know what a “cultures” is :thinking:

If you mean cultivators, it is frowned upon to ask for locations, for all we know you could be Captain Pharoah of the HPD :rofl:


Well i hate to be a buzz kill but im not the fuzz jst someone who loves what he is doin. But i also need hlp


The cultivators at night are shining bright
Deep in the heart of Texas


Best way for you to get help here is to post up your issue and we’ll see what we can do for you.


First off welcome to the forum
There are members from you general area on the forum but we are not allowes to exchange personal info here
Please read forum policy when you get a minute
We can and will help you out online that definitely not a issue
What is the issue your having
Just post you issue either here or start a new topic in regards to said problem
Happy growing
Good job folks on advising our new friend

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Man i know what ya mean all good :blush: but just ask on here question bro there’s a lot of awesome growers on here that could help in every way you need

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And if you have an urgent question, tag somebody so they know it’s here. You do that by using the “at” sign in front of their handle. Just like the @Pharoah in the post above.

dbrn32 is an expert on lights
Countryboyjvd1971 is an ILGM volunteer
bob31 and Hogmaster are very helpful too.

you forgot the CLAP CLAP CLAP.

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