Location of exhaust fan


I have a question about the placement of the exhaust fan and carbon filter. This is how I have my filter and fan set up. Filter hanging from cross pole by straps inside tent. Ran duct through opening in top of tent and attached to fan siting in top of cross bars. The fan is on the outside of the tent.
My question is it better to have the fan inside the tent or on the outside of tent? Even with the speed control on lowest setting the fan is to loud.


Either way works but it’s generally placed inside the tent attached to the carbon filter. This creates less work on the fan as it’s not pulling the air through the the ducts as well.


Thanks @Tylan would being inside the tent also reduce the sound from the fan?


@Tylan is correct.

Yes you are correct @Hippieheart

Only advantage of exhaust fan outside of tent is it won’t contribute to your tent temps :+1:


Sometimes I have one outside the tent blowing through the vent and always have one inside the tent just slightly making everything move depending on how your temperatures are Will determine if I put one outside blowing in


If you’re moving enough air with the exhaust fan located outside of the tent it’s fine there. What you have to understand about the noise is that some is coming from the fan itself, and some is coming from the air movement. If the majority of noise you’re hearing is from the fan, you can build an insulated box around it and knock it down quite a bit.

The air movement is a little more difficult to silence. It usually requires muffler type devices that also restrict airflow. Can be done though if you’re creative enough.

There’s also the potential that your speed controller isn’t compatible with your fan, which can create some noise. That’s usually more of a whining type of noise though, that you typically don’t hear at full speed.


The fan sitting on the crossbars could be making it louder try hanging your fan it will take most of any vibration noise away @Hippieheart


Good thinking! Any type of contact with anything rigid can cause vibration.


That’s why I hang mine :+1:


Mine hung as well. But more because it’s inside and there’s not really any other way to do it haha. Definitely not because I planned it any other way.


You can do it either way brother I personally hang mone outside the tents so i have more room inside it


One reason you might not want it in your tent is that you may need that space at the top for your lights. Some strains really stretch and running out of room to raise the lights is a disaster.