Local Strain - Old Hippy Weed

Hey All

This is a local bag seed grow just for fun. 3 weeks in.

I’ve been told the strain has been in the local area since the late 60’s/early 70’s but not sure on that.

Can anyone assist identification - Sativa or Indica?



I dont have a clue at this stage but good luck with your grow

Looks like most Indica heavy hybrids look to me, so IMO it is 65/35 Indica/Sativa


I agree with @Holmes looks more of a indica hybrid than a stativa :v:

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Cheers for then input people. It is appreciated.

Yep, I agree with the hybrid call. But there is twist!

I have personally know the growers since the late 60’s and grew up rolling this special blend - throws a bit of mystery to the plot.

My guess would be an old hippie trail strain and a bit of local interbreeding.

Looking forward to getting this done and I’ll keep you all posted on the progress



Why 2 plants in the same pot?

The old hippie trail is predominantly Afghanica… not really indica, and not really sativa… its actually a separate thing. 20200619_153500
These are Afghans


Two to the pot. This is how they were delivered to me at very early seedling stage so I’m letting it roll.

Thanks for the pic of the Afghani - it sure looks like the local bush grown strain around here. Big fan leaves and smaller but numerous, dense buds.


Buds arent small! Plants are 9 feet tall! There is a difference between Afghanica and indica… indica typically are shorter and have tight dense buds in clusters, Afghanica are between sativa and indica and can show a mix of the 2 but generally because they were bred for hash making, the buds are bigger and more open in structure.
There was a ( hashplant ) brought to NA that was more indica than Afghanica… it smelled like hash. This is not typical, this plant does not smell like hash at all, once you remove the trichomes and roll it into a ball it smells and tastes exactly like old school black hash. Really sticky! Soft!