Local Grow Shop?

You still in the Austin area? @Mosca

Daughter is, she graduated Connally hs. Im an 2.5 out

My SIL lives there. We go often.

My nephew goes to that school.

Thoughts on the design of this unit? It offers drip/aero/rdwc/ebb and flow in one system to offer the best rootzone conditions for whatever stage of growth youre in at the time. Packed with many other grower friendly features and options of system expansion and customization.

I really wish i could upload video but these are a couple still shots from round 1 testing of this table. These are ILGM Bruce Banner Auto. This system helped me pull over 3.5lbs from 2 autos.


Congrats on the store, we need more of these. I order lights/tents/gadgets/nutrients from amazon. I get my soil/worm castings/perlite from my grow shop, oh and beans from time to time.

If it’s legal where you are, try to have clones available, that would be a game changer. If not that then carry some proven genetics (beans) if you can. Even if your not marking them up, it will get folks in the door.

Establish retail relationships with good vendors like AC Infinity, if you can match amazon pricing I’d rather grab something locally personally. My grow shop has lights and tents I’ve never heard of, and I do my research, so wouldn’t buy something on the spot unless I know what I’m getting.

I agree with this :100:. I have a pretty good relationship with AC Infinity already and have been working towards sponsorship with them for awhile. I have Inkbird and Arqlite Smart Gravel as grow Sponsors currently. Id love to have a genetics company in my pocket as well. (Wink wink). I am in a very lax legal state so clones are definetly going to be a thing. I run Ethos, Mephisto, Metaverse, Barneys, ILGM, MSG and other top genetics. I have like 20 zweet inzanity clones right now i need to move lol.

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If your state requires a med license to grow…One thing my grow shop does from time to time is they hook up with a practitioner that can grant medical licenses and have them come to the store and setup shop for the day. They do a big social media blast when they do that, then people come for that, get their provisional that day, and since they are already there start buying their grow setups.

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There was no toll roads there when i was there. If i wasnt chunkin a disc, i was fishing the area. Have boat will travel.

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We are allowed 6 plants per adult per household. With a cap of 12 plants for recreational. Not sure they thought it through since i can pull several pounds off a single plant in a few months lol. And definetly a great idea on your part. It would be a learning experience for everyone involved myself included.

We get 5 but requires a med license. Rec users can’t grow, though it’s only a small fine apparently if they were to get caught. In my state nobody actually cares, but I wouldn’t grow if I didn’t have a med license. I’ll give this state no leverage over me :slight_smile:

I think one thing that’s needed more than anything else that a grow shop could actually provide is someone experienced with several grows under their belt that will go and get someone started. Like actually go to their house after they’ve bought X amount of equipment and get them through their first grow. Would have to charge some $$ for this but consultancy services would be a game changer.

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Sounds like me. I used to love chunkin a disk. And still fish on the local lake (Texoma) often. Probably have 60-100 pounds of fillets in my freezer.

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Yeah installment and consultaion will be a service provided by us as well. Id like to get several local growers on board with this to cover the many aspects of different style growing. Im not familiar with lets say Coco grows as much as i am straight forward hydroponic ebb and flow, rdwc, drip etc. Or as in depth with soil as someone who makes thier own supersoil. None of which are beyond my ability but not my focus at this point. Which would also fall in to the workshops.

Ive also noticed a theme with the brew/grow combos mentioned on here. Considering the current atmosphere federally towards plant science and the fact that all plant medicines will most likely be fully federally legal within id say the next 10 years. And the cultivation of mycelium based growth is legal everywhere as long as youre not harvesting for sale lol. The grains for brewing would play a nice cover and open the door for grow bags and kits

Nothing like catching your own. I do practice catch and release. Release to the grease. Hmmmm

Nothing better than fresh fish!!!

Always love peeps who are brain storming for the future.
If you get a chance, check out @HippieRunner1 journal, if you are looking for positive vibes, and knowedge so fine on outdoor grows, i think he’s an asset to mankind and growers.
Wished i could link. He had question about being consultant.


@Mosca oh jeez just makin me blush now. Lol. Nah…. Just living the green life trying to spread the love. I would love to jump in a cannabis consultation idea service. I have been pondering this thought for a good couple of years.
Happy growing…

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