Loaded ak47 auto

Hey guys and girls I just wanted to share my ak47 autoflower it veg for 2 weeks and now its on week 3 flowering…to be honest I haven’t even checked the ph since day one…the plant is under a few cfls and a 300 led (mars hydro)


Nice looking buds. Congratulations!

Damn fine looking example of the AK auto you got there . It looks like it belongs in the November bud of the month contest to me .

Looks great. I buy all kinda nutes and have more lights plus i grew my plants longer and you have a lot better buds than i turmed out with, so thats outstanding man, i mean this as a compliment, makes me wanna puke when i compare it to my results lol Enjoy the fruits of your non labor lol


Thanks I can’t wait to see how she is gonna look in a few weeks

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Thanks I mix my fox farm tiger bloom with microbe life additive

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Is your microbial additive Mammoth P by any chance ?

No, I use photosynthesis plus, vegetable and fruit yield enhancer and nourish-L (for California is nourish-C) I mix 20 ml of each additive. Into the same gallon and fox farm in another gallon. For feeding time I give them like 65% to 70% tiger bloom and 30% to 35% additive


Yeah I just wrote that in my book

Hell I"d vote for that !

What was your soil?

I use fox farm ocean forest

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I use fox farm ocean forest.