LJ’s Journal of delicious canna babies

They seem just snug enough now. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We have an unexpected public holiday here tomorrow, because of the Queen, so I left work early to come home and take pics of my plants while high :innocent:


Day 82 and Day 12 from flipping to 12/12.

She’s still energetic and happy. I don’t remember how long the stretch normally lasts but she seems to have calmed tf down after going all V8 turbo the second she got some extra darkness. Like she was waiting on it lol.

And isn’t she just so beautiful.

But I hate what the plastic branch training clips have done to her and I might not use them again. Obviously they can’t be removed now but I’m watching the two worst effected.

I’m totally enamoured of these plants. The plant structure is fascinating especially seeing what it’s done after all my accidental toppings.

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You can remove the clips now. Have you thought about pulling the branches down and opening the lower branches to the light? Also it will even the canopy up. Looking very nice sis :sunglasses: :peace_symbol: :heart:

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This is how I keep my gardens free of pests naturally, not that I won’t get out the pesticide big guns for things like mites gnats and whitefly all of which like this climate (humid sub tropical).

This spider that I posted about upthread absolutely has decided to make my home her home for now.

This is a golden orb weaver, native to this area. They are known for spinning giant golden webs. I’ve only just started training this plant, a hardenbergia, so I had to stabilise it for her when I realised she liked it. Then I realised why she chose that spot; good hunting. I’ve been fighting mealy bugs on this plant for a few weeks. This spider is so smart she’s started a web and left sticky stuff around to help her catch the bugs.

So if you maintain a balanced environment, a lot of pests will be taken care of by the good bugs. If an outdoor garden has a pest problem you will end up with them inside eventually. I try to only use pesticides that don’t repel good bugs. These native plants attract all the right bugs.

I have way fewer nasty bugs since I figured this out :grinning:

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If you keep a happy and zen grow space:

you should have happy plants :star_struck:

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So tie some top branches down.?

Snap them off and say sayonara to the clips. They’re not worth letting her continue to grow over them if you can still break them off. I used a zip tie once and didn’t realize any plant started growing around it til it was effectively strangling her. Cut it off and she was better in a matter of days.

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Day 89 of my GDP and 19 days into flower we have some trichome production happening.

I have been removing leaves as needed and the canopy is looking healthy.

A few of my chiropractic adjustments seem to have worked out ok and you can see the difference in those areas.

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And these branches are continuing to grow around the clips.

Painful to look at!

She’s being fed the same as before. The temp inside the tent is consistently 24C. RH is around 60. I just turned the exhaust fan up this week and she definitely liked that.

Is there anything else I can do for her?

I took this lower branch cutting from her a few weeks back. Not sure what’s going on with it but it’s interesting.

And it seems to be growing pistils now.

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Break the clips off.

Growing root nubs. She’ll have roots shortly.

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Beautiful plant congrats :clap: i have a banana kush in flower just about the same age as yours


With the clips, there is no way they can be removed now and the manufacturers warn against trying to if this happens. The branches are busting the clips off like Popeye on spinach. They might break themselves off but if I remove them they will def break off. Let me show some more pics.

The clips are very low in the plant, and after putting them on a few weeks later I accidentally topped her (see upthread), after which she got a power boost to those clipped branches. The two worst, one red and one white, are on each of those boosted branches which are now the main part.

I have a morbid fascination with them now so stay tuned. Or volunteer to talk me through performing micro surgery on them :laughing:


Using a pair of wire snips…you might grab theinside part of the clip and cut it loose.


Just ignore that second pic that my phone added.

Trichomes are growing too.


She’s looking very nice LJ… you are killin it ma’am. :sunglasses::v::heart::beers:


LJ, the more i kook at the clips, it looks like the branch has formed its inner feeding tube and the branches are healthy. Wondering if maybe just let the branch grow around it and let it ride. Dont risk breaking the branch. If you dont mind i will tag someone to have a look.:sunglasses:

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Awesome thanks matey. My instincts say to leave it.

Because as you say, she looks ok and this is week 3.


@kaptain3d …could you scroll up a few posts and check out the lst clips on ms LJs branches. Do you think the branch can make it through flower growing around the clip. I know you know what torture they can take. :sunglasses:

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Yes it should be good, imo. :nerd_face:
She will just form bigger “knots” around the clips.
But the clips will be hard to recuperate after harvest… :crazy_face: