LJ’s Journal of delicious canna babies

Oh so that’s all that’s left? Lol that’s crazy.

This strain of GG4 is super fast growing. She’s 9 days in bloom and stretching like there’s no tomorrow.

This clone is six weeks into her bud. It’s a lot easier just having the one to take care of lol
She is solid.


Yeah this is definitely the best looking bud I’ve grown so far. They seem to love growing outside.


Topped these three troublemakers

And this was the moon early the other morning.


We’ve had a beautiful moon this past week also. Mother nature is testing us, every year, the veggie gardener tries to out guess mother nature and plant some things too early. Jump start the season. Since covid, plant prices seem to have tripled making it a partial financial gamble.

We have 2 new fruit trees to plant, peach and pear, holding them for last frost to pass before planting.  They are both trying to bud.  Will move inside to protect from late freeze if needed.

Your girls looking taller. They would like some of that outdoor freedom too. Reach for the sky.

Oh, a little extra saucer of milk please. You know you spoil them.


Oh totally. That’s the new green acres policy, natural sunlight whenever possible. The sunlight/indoor light combo seems to suit these girls although I would say they prefer outdoors of course. I’m not as reliant in the tent as I was. I was scared to color outside the lines you know lol

These dream girls are doing much better than the first time I grew them lol

And I think the clone is doing better under sunlight than the mother plant did in the tent.


@Mosca I wanted to try growing fruit trees at the new place so I’d be interested to hear any growing knowledge you happen to have. I’m going to have more sun than I know what to do with there. :sunflower:


Well, i love fruit, love pies and cobblers, with that said. Some varieties are self pollenating and do not need the help of a second tree. Example, the pear tree the wife selected will requure another to cross pollenate each other. The peach is capable of self pollenation.

Size, dwarfs are smaller trees that rarely get over ten ft tall. Lots of peeps select what is called the postage stamp, 6 trees in a 20x20 ft space.

Side story short, ACU college student did 1 hobby bee hive 4 yrs ago in fruit garden now makes six figures from honey sales, and honey in make up i think. Amazing…

To us, blooms or flowers draw bees and hummingbirds, we welcome the free entertainment and beauty from alls presence. Morning from texas.


The Dream Girl babies are 5 weeks tomorrow and showing sex organs. I’ve been checking because previously I had a male plant from this batch but I think they’re all girls. They didn’t even seem to notice being topped. I’m going to have to re pot them soon.



And this lady gorilla is exceeding expectations in the 4 gallon pot. I just added some more worm castings plus kelp meal and coconut meal as top dressing.


Ladies look lovely and healthy. :+1:


@Kennythetiger is new member. Is looking for assistance in finding seeds in your neck of the woods. I tagged you, please and :blush:


Thanks @Mosca :blush: I did respond to @Kennythetiger on his post. Got a couple of new contacts frm the post myself.

Hey remember the Honey Nitrate? Here she is after a bit of curing. She looks tastes and smokes better than the weed she came in. She’s a trip :star_struck: and really dense af. I have to carve her.



Very nice adding to the stash.

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Green acres really is the place to be :sunflower: :lady_beetle: :rainbow:

This is partly why I’m not getting as many pests. I hope she breeds a large colony here.

These three aussie Dream Girls (6 weeks ish), are looking great. They are in a mix of 50/50 canna terra pro and all purpose potting mix, a perlite/vermiculite mix, lots of cow manure (I can’t believe I own fkn cow manure lol), worm castings and dry amendments, coconut meal (potassium), kelp seaweed meal, dolomite lime and DE. They didn’t get any nutes or amendments or anything until about a week ago and now they’re in their forever pots. Two in 14 litre pots and one in an 8 litre.


This GG4 is about 2 weeks into flower. She’s an amazon. In a 14 litre pot. I’d love to grow one of these legit outdoor.

This gorgeous clone from the first GG is getting tired, she’s almost 6 months old. Even those lower buds needs support.


Becareful little miss Green Acres, bibbed overhauls might be in your future. Cow manure lol. Ever in tx, feel free to take any and all, no chsrge.

Like the bottle rockets, yhey look good. :call_me_hand:


Thanks matey. Bottle rockets??


I wouldn’t mind overalls if I get to carry a pitchfork. :laughing: